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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I was meeting a friend at Coombe Wood yesterday afternoon but decided to go earlier for a leisurely stroll first, armed with a large umbrella - which came in very useful. 

These are tiny and very easy to miss but the sun was shining through them lighting them up beautifully yesterday as I walked past them

Daffodils bowed down with the weight of the rain

The gardener has transplanted some of the snowdrops that have finished flowering now, alongside the path near the archway, and has also rotavated the ground joining what were the three poppy beds last year, to make them into one long bed which will be filled with wild flowers.

New growth on Korean pine
The last of the old Korean pine cones - very little left now

When I've photographed these buds before I thought they were opening into tiny leaves but they are delicate little pastel green flowers.
In a previous post I mentioned that some of the trees were festooned with tiny trails of buds. These trees are now draped with the most delicate tiny translucent bells

Looking up into a cluster of tiny bell shaped flowers
Sometimes I'm a bit frustrated that I keep having to say I don't know what the plants are - but it is also exciting to see what is going to happen next when you have no idea what they are going to turn into.
Little yellow hanging flowers

I do remember that the shoots below will produce amazing red and orange seed pods - but it will be interesting to observe how they get to that stage.

Hellebores still flowering
Soft new green growth among the long thorns
Lovely red new growth and thorns
Between showers - blue sky and the remains of the beech nuts

Teasel (love the curls)
I nearly missed this mass of tiny pink flowers.
 The tulip shoots are showing between the primulas
 Another photo of these crazy green plants
 Some very fleshy burgundy stems with burgundy shoots opening into green frilly leaves.
 The bullrushes look like sticks of candy floss now
 Back home again and the sunshine and showers continue into the evening

Thank you very much for joining me again

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