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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I don't mind a bit of rain when I'm suitably dressed.

Duck weed was clinging to the ducks feathers along the water line, creating a luminous green stripe, which showed up particularly well on the white feathers of the drake

Was it my imagination or was the sweet scent of these little pink waxy flowers enhanced by the rain?

Two fluffy feathers on the wet grass 
Pink Azaleas
 Buds everywhere

Clusters of trees are festooned with tiny trails of delicate buds
Pink edged white and cream flower
Vivid pink camelia
 I love the colour of the jumble of stamens against the vivid pink petals

Pink bud
 Wonderful fresh green feathery fronds unfurling

I enjoyed the gentle scent when I got really near to these delicate little flowers for a close up photo

These buds do look like tiny Brussel sprouts 

The sun came out and shone through the old hydrangeas - showing how much the new green shoots have grown

A beautiful little robin came to sit on the back of the concrete seat for a while before flying off to sing in a nearby tree

More of the "Brussel sprout" buds - russet leaves instead of green - one yellow bud showing

I like the zingy green colour of the flowers against the more subdued green of the leaves and the dark background. I find the development of the inside of the flowers fascinating.

These are tiny and there's masses of them spilling over the rocks at the front of the raised flower beds. This is the first time I've had a really close look when the red is showing. They're a bit like clusters of antlers.

Some of the bullrushes have almost lost all of their seeds but a few have a lot more to spread. 

There's always something different to see - even if it's the same plant as before but further on in its development. 

Back home again
This is a close up of the inside of a white tulip from my beautiful bunch of mother's day flowers

 Thank you very much for joining me


  1. I love that green stripe the ducks have collected as they swim along, and I always think that flowers smell stronger after rain, maybe because the rain has cleansed the air?

    1. I noticed the ducks flying away later and wondered if they had carried their green stripes with them or if they shook off easily! I've just read this online "As you may have noticed in your travels around the garden after a rain, flower fragrances are often stronger when the air is humid. This is because the scent molecules are able to travel farther and are easier for your nose to pick up when the air is more humid. The flowers may also release more fragrant compounds under humid conditions."