Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Last Friday on the morning of the eclipse, dense cloud was forecast so I was pretty sure there would be nothing to see in our area. I decided to experience the eclipse as fully as possibly by enjoying a walk in Coombe Wood hoping that if I was outside for the whole of the eclipse I would notice if anything felt any different. It was a very dull morning but as the time for the eclipse approached I walked and took photos as usual, enjoying all the signs of spring. 

Camelia bud - fat fleshy petals about to unfold
It was quite dark up the hill in the woods although my camera compensated for the lack of light.
Bracket fungus
The temperature dropped and it felt like dusk and a bit like it does if it is about to rain. The birds quietened down a little, but not completely.
Bracket fungus
The photo below was taken at roughly the time of maximum eclipse but doesn't show quite how dark it was.
I sat on a bench for a while in the stillness absorbing the very small differences that were taking place but soon I was feeling the cold so I started walking again. The birds were soon singing again and the light returned a little although it was still very grey.
These might be quince buds
I find the middles fascinating
Had these mallard drakes had a disagreement?
I do like the curly black feathers of the mallards just above their white tails
Through the arch there's a glimpse the gardener transplanting some of the snowdrops that have finished flowering.

A cluster of camelia buds on one stem growing so close together that they look like one amazing flower.
Later a friend joined me on my walk. I caught sight of a jay flying into a tree above our heads and just managed to catch a blurry photo through the branches. We weren't even sure it was a jay for a while because it had ruffled its feathers up so much and looked very round.

My kind friend treated me to a very welcome hot drink and some delicious banana, chocolate and treacle cake in the Coach House Cafe.

Soon after getting home again the sun came out. It was a little disappointing not to see the eclipse but I was very glad I had made the effort to be somewhere where I could experience little things about it.

Thank you very much for joining me. I will be back later. 


  1. The cloud cover was a disappointment, but your photos certainly are not Angela, beautiful colours, and so many gorgeous spring flowers to feast our eyes on.

  2. well I was inside in the office, but through the cloud we could certainly see it get much darker... love the flower you think is quince, it's beautiful!

    1. Thank you Helen. I think I might need to print some photos so I can ask the gardener what they are. My plant knowledge is severely lacking!