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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Tuesday afternoon walk (Coombe Wood)

I had a lovely walk on Tuesday but have only just got round to writing about it here - it's been a busy week.

The pond was green again but it looked beautiful with the sunlight streaming across it through the branches creating long thin shadows.

Bright yellow sunlit skunk cabbage.

Lovely clear reflections.

Willow leaves springing to life, hanging like a curtain. 

Tiny orange buds and red stems - amazing colours. 

The bees were out and about. 

More bright yellow - spot-lit by the sun. 


This is a crazy pattern. 

Gorgeous deep colour 

These tufty flowers light up a big tree in a dark corner. 

Such a variety of different shapes and colours of Magnolia.

Delicate blossom

Big fritillary with leaves like a pineapple top. 

Wood anemones

Thick drapes of the waxy bells - viewed from the side. 

There's a bench underneath and here I'm looking up through a canopy of bells.

 Delicate little acer leaves on red stems. 

Wood anemones and heather. 

More magnolias - and lovely blue sky. 

A few Rhododendrons have already opened and there are so many buds poised ready to burst open. 

Pink flower with stamens covered in pollen they seems to glow.

Huge magnolia - such a delicate shade of pink. 

More tiny acer leaves. 



More magnolias. 

 Lovely deep colour. 

Low ground cover - leafy plants with slender flower stems and two tiered white flowers.

Back towards the gate to the bedding plants interspersed with tulip bulbs. . .

. . . white bleeding hearts, blue pansies and little pink pompoms.

A carpet of red and blue. I wonder what colour the tulips will be.

The gardener was cutting back some ferns. 

Tulip leaves with white edges. 

I met a friend and after having a drink and a piece of cake in the Coach House cafe courtyard we went for a walk.

Gorgeous pink.

Here come the lily-of-the-valley. 

Little domes of highly scented white flowers. 

Slender white magnolias 

Lovely light shining through these pink ones. 

Delicate translucent bells - like hobbled skirts. 

White bells and the new red leaves coming through. 

Flamboyant pink petals. 

 Tiny red acer flowers dangling beneath the new leaves.

Bleeding hearts. 

New red shoots. 

 Back to the pond - such comical knobbly explosions of seeds from the bulrushes.

The gunnera leaves are growing so fast now. 

The new leaves are so intricately rippled as they unfurl.

Strange spiky laurel flowers. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Love the pond pictures, and that laurel at the end is amazing!

    1. Thank you Helen. The laurel flowers are very strange aren't they.