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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spring Harvest - Beach and things

I was at Spring Harvest in Minehead last week with my daughter, her husband and their children and others on my son-in-laws side of the family. There were 19 of us altogether.

Passing Stonehenge on the way - it looked quite busy! This shot was taken through a tinted window at speed.

We all enjoyed The Big Start, which according to the Programme Planner is "a firm favourite with all ages" and "the best way to start your day and get into the daily theme and Bible passages with the hilarious Big Start Team." That was no exaggeration - it was absolutely brilliant! I won't tell you about the meetings here (because I prefer it to be more of a visual blog and I've already written more than usual) but if you want to know more just ask.  

I woke quite early so I had a walk on the beach before breakfast on three of the mornings, soon after sunrise. Here's the first sunrise morning walk.

Golden light shimmered on rippled sand.

Bright sunrise reflected on windows and drew gold lines on the wet sand.

Patterns in the sand. 

The sea was such a long way out so no paddle that morning. A vast deserted beach almost all to myself.

Minehead headland. 

A very tiny dot way out near the sandbank in this photo is another person.

On the way back - passing the fairground. A golden glow through the helter skelter windows.

Then I wandered round and took a look at the High Ropes Course. I would be doing this later in the week as a challenge for Comic Relief. I began to wonder if I was completely mad. (Yes I am.) More about my High Ropes in a different blog post.

The cute little bunnies hopping around the carting track in the early morning light helped take my mind off it.

A young rabbit. 

and an older one. 

After the morning activities (plenty for all ages) and lunch, one afternoon we went to the beach.

Various sand structures were built (e.g.a boat, a mound, a tunnel) and ball games were played. I went for a paddle but didn't stay in for long. The water was lovely but there were quite a lot of jelly fish along the water line.

They were quite large jelly fish - here's one next to my foot to show the scale.

Another lovely sunrise the following morning. 

I can't believe the weather - it was really lovely. We had a fabulous time.

Thank you for joining me.


  1. what gorgeous weather - you were very lucky - and some stunning photos. just love the sunrises. the beach looks fabulous. and well done on the challenge!

    1. Thank you Helen. Yes the weather was amazing!