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Monday, 13 March 2017

Walking in spring sunshine (Coombe Wood)

A beautiful spring morning - blue sky and sunshine. Before heading to Coombe Wood I noticed that the poplar trees just beyond the end of our garden are covered in leaf buds.

Looking closer the buds are red.  

For various reasons it's a week since my last walk at Coombe Wood and the differences were very noticeable.

Flower beds in the sun. 

Tulip leaves have grown rapidly since my last visit

 Lime green Euphorbia buds have opened

 Masses of little blue flowers. 

 Spiders web threads glistened in the sun. 

Sunlight illuminated young leaves. 

A glimpse of some irises - frustratingly I couldn't get a clearer view of them.


New young leaves and old seed pods. 

 I stood for a while and enjoyed the strong scent of the mahonias.

More scented flowers - these may be past their best and the leaves have been nibbled but the scent is wonderful. 

 The big magnolia has masses of smooth buds.

Daffodils and crocuses. 

Burgundy leaves emerging. 

 Showers of creamy bells.

New shoots in the sublight

 Red variegated arrow-like leaves springing up. 

Two small shrubs covered in pastel lemon flowers. 

New leaf buds and old seed pods. 


These white bells are much more higgledy-piggledy than the other bell-like flowers.

Lovely blue sky through the trees. 

 Buds or pods at the ends of bare branches. 

Hellebores in the sun.

 Clumps of cheerful daffodils. 

Furry magnolia buds catching the light.  

More strongly scented flowers (with nibbled leaves). 

Light green curly leaves. 

Buds on thorny red stems. 

More tender new leaves.

Red leaves and tiny flowers on thorny stems. 

Mixed colours - new leaves. 

Herbaceous borders - well mulched. 

New shoots coming through. 


 Purple heather in the background. 

 Heading back to the gates - flower beds on the way.

Bright flowers against the curved wall.

The big rose hips are dry and wrinkled. 

 Blue flowers in sunshine. 


Primulas and pansies. 

Bulbous explosions of bulrush seeds. 

Little daffodils by the gate. 


Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. What a glorious day it was today- I envy you. There is so much new to look at. I love the fluffy bulrushes - they look like animals sitting on the stems!