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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Another Spring morning walk (Coombe Wood).

I took a stroll down the garden before heading off for my walk, to have a look at the poplar trees beyond the end of our garden. In a previous blog post I mentioned that the leaves were coming through a reddish colour . . .

. . . I discovered this morning that there aren't any leaves yet - the red colour is from catkins. I didn't even know poplar trees had catkins.

At Coombe Wood the tulips have grown another inch or two since my last visit

and colour is spreading. 

Tiny orange flowers on red stems are all over one of the plants in the hedge at the back of the pond.

Sunlight through daffodils. 

Euphorbia fully open.

Peeping through other plants to the lovely irises which are very easy to pass by without noticing them.


These look as if they are probably baby Eryngiums. 

Coming round the corner, once again I had to stop and enjoy the gorgeous scents.

The big magnolia buds are just starting to open. There's a ladybird on the bud that has opened the furthest. 

Sunlight was shining through the creamy waxy strings of bells

and bees were buzzing around 

The remaining Korean pine cones are disintegrating.

I think the design is fabulous. 

New leaf shoots and flower buds on a little plant. 

Tiny flowers cover little branches on a plant nearby.

Those waxy bells from the other side - random red berry peeping through from somewhere.

Pink tinged camellias.

Tiny magnolia buds (I think) 

The slender white flowers are appearing on the garlicky smelling plants.


 It fascinates me how different all the buds are. These are on a small tree.

This green is really zingy. 

A smaller magnolia opening. 

Looking through the damaged hedge (damaged by the big beech branch falling down) -  the gardener passed by with the mower and the air was filled with the smell of freshly mown grass.

 Carpets of bright blue flowers. 

Oh my goodness - the scent of these tiny little flowers is wonderful.

Buds against the lovely blue sky. 

 Neat stripes on the lawn. 

Bright colours in the sunshine. 

Looking closer at the euphorbia. 

Crazy middle. 


 Nearing the gate - primulas.  

Tulip leaves in the sun - with little pink flowers dotted around.

Looking at the funny bulbous explosions of bulrush seeds again.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. what a gorgeous day for a walk! I am afraid that by the weekend, just like two weeks ago, when i go to Kew it will be dreary and dull. shame as their magnolias are meant to be bursting forth (further than these judging by the tweet I saw)
    You got some gorgeous photos though, and what lovely colours!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment.
      Even if it's dull at Kew I am sure you'll get fabulous photos Helen.