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Monday, 6 March 2017

Sunshine and spring flowers (Coombe Wood)

A lovely morning - just right for a walk . . .

The waterfall is still working. 

Rich yellow daffodils with orange trumpets and delicate pastel lemon ones, gently swaying by the pond.

The flower beds by the entrance are filling out, and the tulip bulbs are starting to pop up.

A clump of miniature daffodils.

Colours showing in the flower beds - red and blue in this one.

Pinks and pale blues here.

Creamy white.

Around the corner - sunlight creating criss-crossing shadows and light.

I found a hellebore with an upturned face for a change.

The rest of them were hanging their heads. 

I heard horses hooves and looking across the pond, saw three horses and riders passing by.

Tiny sapphire blue flowers.

Yellow primroses. 

Stripey miniature tulip leaves.

 Magnolia buds and blue sky.


Patterns on sunlit crocuses.

Purple crocuses shining in the sun - a saffron yellow centre showing.

Pale crocus with light veining and wonderful frilly saffron centre.

 Snowdrops and crocuses. 


Showers of waxy creamy bells.

Little tender green buds 

 Different bells - these are like translucent porcelain. 

It looks as if there are droplets of water near the sepals but I had a really close look, and even had to touch them before I believed what I was seeing - it's actually a series of the tiniest, almost transparent bulges. 

Camelia buds. 

 The wrinkled berries. 

Top of the Australian pine looking healthy. 

A strong smell of garlic comes from these plants, which have shot up so much that they almost hide the snowdrops now.

Pinky coloured leaf buds.

Things are beginning to happen in the herbaceous borders.

The big beech tree.

Just a few beech nuts left on the tree now. 

Pink camellias in the sun (woops - I've only just found out that camellia has two l's in it).

Colourful corner. 

Wild carrot's shaggy dried seed head. 

 Bright yellow primulas

Gorgeous veining in a wide open crocus. 

Water droplets on euphorbia

More miniature daffodils. 

Back to the flower beds near the entrance. 

Looking closer at wispy moss spore capsules.

A last look at a patch of daffodils before heading home again. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. loving the crocus and daffodils, there were loads at Kew last weekend too. The sky was so blue (didn't really have time to notice yesterday ha ha!) for you.

    1. Thank you Helen. The crocuses and daffodils seem to have appeared in a rush don't they. Grey sky today!