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Friday, 13 January 2017

Snowy Coombe Wood walk.

It snowed last night and looked amazing for a while but by the morning most of it had turned to slush except for the snow that had landed on the grass.

This morning the moon slid down between roof tops which looked as if they had been sifted with icing sugar.

Meanwhile, in the opposite direction a wonderful sunrise was lighting up the sky.

Thicker snow was left at Coombe Wood. 

The hedge by the pond had a birds footprints along the top.

A layer of snow was still covering the flower beds. The path from the gate was quite slushy - tyre tracks had churned up the snow. 

The gardener appeared with a wheelbarrow and shovelled the salty mixture on the path by the entrance.

Around the corner I noticed the new little tree - with a blanket of snow around it . . .

a small animal had obviously been to check it out (little paw prints in the snow)

The snow on the trees had begun to melt and frozen again leaving little icicles decorating the branches.

Delicate grasses and other plants had been flattened by the snow. 

Some of the pathways had thawed and frozen again making it very slippery.

Snowy yew arch and bench. 

Some of the more robust grasses and plants remain standing.

Snow had weighed down the pampas grass leaves making them look like solid mounds with grassy plumes erupting from them

Drips from the melting snow had made lacy patterns on the ground underneath one of the big trees.

More little icicles decorating the branches.

Snowy Korean Pine cones. 

Some paths among the trees were clear of snow.

Witch Hazel with a hat of icy snow. 

Some of the shrubs that hang over the path were so weighed down with snow that I had to bend down to get through - being careful not to knock them. I didn't want them to empty their snow all down my back.

Little snowflakes were wafting down and at first I thought they were being dislodged by the breeze but as it got faster I realised that it really was snowing again.

Dripping snow on what's left of some yellow azaleas. 

 Long red tinged thorns against the soft white snow. 

Snowy pink blossoms.

Paw pads visible in the middle print. 

More little icicles. 

The big beech tree silhouetted against the snow. 

As I came out into the open I realised just how fast it was snowing - great big flakes were swirling around.

Snowy teasels. 

Criss-crossing tracks. 

The gardener still treating the paths with the salty mixture.

The snow fell faster.

I bumped into the gardener again by the gate and he pointed out the neat little mounds of snow in this flower bed - each mound covers a small plant.

I'm very glad I went for my walk when I did - the snow has almost all gone now. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. great photos! It has all gone here too now, I looked a right wally in my wellies on the way home from work tonight!!

    1. Thank you. I expect a lot of other people were wearing wellies too!

  2. A completely contrasting look to the gardens under the thin blanket of snow, but still full of texture and interesting shapes and patterns.

    1. It was a magical transformation! I would have stayed longer but can only walk slowly and was chilled through - even with plenty of extra layers on.