Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Golden sunlight and ice (Coombe Wood)

Sunlight was streaming through the light mist. 

Chunks of ice sat on the frozen pond. 

Bulrushes in the sun. 

But is it ice - or is it snow - and how did it get there?

Such a clear reflection of the chunk of white. 

Not just white chunks on the icy surface of the pond but branches too. I realised that people have been throwing things onto the ice. The white chunks are the remainders of the snow constructions that I photographed the other day.

Beautifully pruned and neatly tied-in plants along the curved courtyard wall.

Another neat plant. The rose-hips the other side of the wall are peeping over the top of it.

Back to the pond - reflections broken by icy patches.

 Icy patterns next to a chunk of snow. 

The sun was lighting up the Golden Rain Tree pods against the blue sky.

The berries inside the pods used to be orange - I can see a dark shiny berry inside the distorted pod on the left.

Marmalade coloured witch-hazel looking very droopy.

The green one is looking good and is faintly scented. 

I was looking for the Earth Star Mushrooms but couldn't find them. Perhaps they had shrunk even more and become covered with the leaves that surrounded them.

 Looking up at the wispy cloud through the trees. 


Snowdrops beginning to push their way up. 

Not many orange berries left on this tree now. 

Light shining through clusters of seeds. 

And back to the pond again - rippled ice sparkling in the sun.

I wonder if anything will be left of these when I go there again in a few days time.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. wow, can't believe those chunks of snow in the frozen pond! It's meant to get a (little) bit warmer so possibly they'll melt soon. Gorgeous photos again today.