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Thursday, 5 May 2016

May sunshine at Coombe Wood

What a beautiful day it was today.

Chunks of feathery seeds have come adrift from the bulrushes and are draped across the holly hedge

Most of the tulips are open

I'm amazed at all the different colours and shapes of tulips that there are.

I love it when the sun shines through their petals

Lovely colour combinations  - here's a pretty pink double tulip with blue forget-me-nots

Marmalade colours

Hops growing up the wall

Tiny alpine plants in the trough near the ladies loos

Around the corner - little flowers with strange middles

I was struck by all the colour contrasts today - lime green new leaves against blue sky

These little yellow flowers have downy hairs that shimmered in the sunlight

Bluebells in the sun

Pink tulip with an egg yolk yellow middle and amazing stamens

Tiny leafed acer with loads of flowers

The tree that looked purple the other day definitely looked pink today

On my way to the pink tree I had to pass this one - gorgeous deep red buds opening to pastel pink blossom

And on to the really pink tree. It looked as if it had been covered with cheerleaders pom poms

Flower clusters on this shrub look like lace floating above the  leaves

Back to the Korean pine cones again - some are light green with brown developing between the "petals"

Lily of the valley

Parts of the woods look as if an impressionist painter had been adding little green brush strokes everywhere

. . . punctuated by several splashes of red.

Acer with yellow veins

Pieris - not many of the stems have both the red leaves and the white bells

Yellow azaleas on their way

look at all of these buds ready to open

Australian pine cone - growing on the end of the "branch" and weighing it down

Pink rhododendrons

 Witch hazel leaves

Acer leaves in the sun

Pure white blossom against deep blue sky

 Beech flowers

Fat "catkins" 

 Narrow red acer leaves unfolding - 

 Bleeding hearts

. . . and back to the bright tulips

leaning towards the sun

Lone tall tulip

Pink double (triple? quadruple?) tulips

Pink singles

Thank you very much for joining me

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