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Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday walk (Coombe Wood)

It was a dull Bank Holiday Monday morning with moisture in the air.

My car was the first car in the car park again. Just inside the gate, right in the middle of the path, there was a dustbin liner of rubbish which I moved and added to the others which were next to the bin

The flower beds are all ready and waiting for the summer planting now

The little rock at the front of the flower bed shown above, is covered in tiny purple flowers that look like miniature snapdragons

At the opposite end of the scale the gunnera leaves are huge - the plant is now higher than the railings that it's growing next to. The flowers are like mini pine trees

The gardener told me the other day that he is still waiting for the parts to mend the pump for the waterfall. The movement of the water helps to inhibit the growth of algae, duck weed etc.

Gorgeous colours and patterns on emerging irises

I think this is a very small allium - we have some a bit like this in our garden

From a distance I thought one of the pine trees had light coloured new growth at the end of each branch but looking closer they are clusters of pine flowers

A love-in-the-mist flower unfolding

Standing under the Golden Rain Tree looking through the leaves

and behind it is the tree that was covered in white blossom not long ago - now just a few berries are developing

The allium I photographed the other day - with the extra long flower spike

At the edge of some long grass I was trying to photograph the cow parsley when I noticed some dark purple flowers lower down

- not just one or two of them - a whole bank of them at the back of a wild flower area

In contrast - neat flower beds with carefully manicured edges

Delicate pink Aquilegias - all facing hopefully in the direction the sun should be - leaning towards the light

Rusty coloured ferns uncurling

A mound of burgundy leaves in front of the banana trees. I 'm amazed by how fast these are growing

Red acer seeds

They are tiny - here's my finger next to one

I walked along colourful pathways - not another person to be seen or heard for most of my walk

Bright orange rhododendrons

Pastel pink, reminding me of paint chart colours - the hint of a tint range

Such a delicate pink

Stronger pinks as well as lilac

Corridors of colour

A few lilac coloured flowers have opened  at the top of the tree which will have very big leaves.

Candy floss pink

These little ones have a smudge of yellow on them


Almost day-glo pink stamens

Mixture of colours

The breeze wafted the scent from the yellow azaleas and made the dangling blossoms dance

Enticing colours drew me along less familiar pathways

Big orange blooms with long stamens

Fluffy blossom - against  thick, lightweight leaves that look and feel synthetic - almost as if they have been cut out from dark green sheets of foam

Looking at some more white flowers - clusters on a tall shrub

First fluted bells opening on anther shrub


Green natural arch

Spindleberry flowers

This iris looked as if it had a well of golden light in the centre

Big ragged edged poppies

The bulrushes looked fairly solid today - soaked with rain and baked by the sun - just a few tufts of seeds wafted in the breeze

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. What a treat to have the woods to yourself, and I love the colour of those deep red acer seeds.

  2. A gorgeous walk alone, how fabulous to get there before a soul is around. Love the rhododendrons, so many colours!

    1. Yes - on bank holiday/school holidays/weekends - you have to get there early to get the place to yourself!