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Friday, 27 May 2016

Kelsey Park

Today I went to Kelsey Park with a friend, her delightful small boy and gorgeous baby. I don't think I've ever been to Kelsey Park before - which is utterly ridiculous because it's probably only about 15-20 minutes drive from where I live, if that.

Friendly squirrels approached us as soon as we came in the gate, hoping for something edible

A wire sculpture of a kingfisher sat by the river with a little fish in its mouth

Ducks swimming in water that took on an almost luminous green from leafy reflections

My friend spotted a heron through the trees on the opposite bank

Close up of some white blossom

Mandarin ducks looked quite comical strutting across the grass

- but what a different sight when they were swimming regally on the lake

Wonderful sounds surrounded us, birdsong in the trees, quacking ducks, honking geese, and loud splashing sounds as ducks and geese took off or landed on the water

Two geese and a quacking duck 

Aeroplanes and helicopters interested the small boy but the mower and the leaf blower alarmed him and sent him scurrying to his mum

Fluffy cygnets

Mother swan with seven babies

White ducks

Geese and goslings

Different white blossom - each flower has so many pale stamens with dark anthers which makes it look as if there are little dark dots floating above the flowers

The geese looked as if they were wading in daisies. I really like the way the lime green tree stands out from all the other greens

Still water - not for long - ducks and geese soon made the water ripple

We also stopped off at the playground where the delightful small boy thoroughly enjoyed the swings - ("up and down" "higher, higher", "up to the sky"), the slide, a little roundabout etc. and then we went to a nice grassy area where we had a lovely picnic together. Thank you very much to my friend and her two little ones for a lovely time.

I have been enjoying watching the coverage of the Chelsea flower show on TV this week. This evening, having talked about some of the flowers, one of the presenters said "Look closer, there are miracles right under your nose." - that could well be my motto!

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. oh, what a lovely park! the lake is gorgeous. I've been enjoying the coverage of Chelsea too, apart from the repeated looks at the same gardens or films about the designers, rather than different ones each show (the afternoon one is bad for this!)

  2. Definitely agree about the repeated use of the same film clips - I recorded most of it and skipped through the repeated bits!

  3. I just love those mandarin ducks, they are just so intricately coloured and patterned. I also agree that you should adopt that sentence as your motto, maybe they've been reading your blog, and have been inspired!