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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Two walks in Coombe Wood

A short walk with a friend on Tuesday afternoon

At times there were a few spots of rain in the air but the pond was very clear with patches of blue sky reflecting in it

A pair of male mallards were feeding in the shallows

The water was so clear that their feet could easily be seen when they're swimming along

Having a drink

Daffodils and crocuses


My friend could smell the scent coming from these tiny flowers before I could.

The flower beds are looking neat and tidy - ready for things to burst into life.

The mallards were settling down for a nap as we left.

This morning - just me

The sun was shining and the sky was blue

The sun lit up the euphorbias

The pair of male mallards turned the willow branch reflections into dancing squiggles

Sunlit mini daffodils

 I can't remember ever seeing so many buds on this magnolia before

One bud is opening already - with outer petals like red silk

The tropical corner

I must remember to look closer at the tree behind the palm - I can see red dots and I want to know if there are red berries or blossom on it

In the other direction there are still clusters of red berries on this tree in spite of the fact that many of them have been blown to the ground.

A patch of sun lit up the berries at the top of the tree

I spent a lot of time looking up and noticing the huge number of buds that have appeared in the trees and the way the different branches overlap and make interesting patterns

A brief look down at the hellebores hanging their heads

and the bright frilly camelias 

Azalea buds with blushing pink tips among last year's seed pods

The tree that will have enormous leaves again soon has some pods or flowers which, frustratingly, I can't get close enough to have a good look at

In the distance a magnolia caught my attention - and I went carefully off the path to get a closer look. The flowers stood out dramatically against the blue sky.

Magnolia leaves from last year - many are now fragile skeletons

Buds lit up by the sun

First forsythia flower to show on this shrub

The sun was illuminating up the mossy lumps on the shed roof

Patterns made by rusty corrugated roof and shadows

Robin singing - it was a shame the shadow of a branch was across its face

The buds in the trees weren't nearly as visible on Tuesday - they really show up well with the sunlight on them.

More azalea buds and seed pods


Dainty stripes

Rich purples and delicate lilac

 Looking across the primulas to the sundial and yew arch


Back to the pond

Willow - buds starting to show

Leftover plant stems and seed pods from last year

 Bamboo leaves in the sun

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. What beautiful blue skies you had today, it makes the perfect backdrop for all the burgeoning plants and blossoms. I love the patterns the mallards are making in the pond.

    1. Blue sky really helps! Yes the mallards patterns were fabulous.