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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Blue skies and buds at Coombe Wood

I had a lovely sunny walk yesterday morning (well wrapped up - it was quite chilly)

The laurel buds in the car park - all standing to attention.

Beautiful blue sky

Tiny clusters of orange flowers on bright magenta stems

It's easy to miss these low growing delicate pastel blue flowers - they're really small

New shoots - so many different colours on one stem

Sunlight illuminating the silver birch bark

 Buds showing on the trees 

Last time I was at Coombe Wood I wondered if the red things up a tree were blossom or berries - I had a better look this time - they're bright red berries

Shiny bobbles on the Korean pine - are these going to be pine cones?

Manure has been spread on many of the flower beds. Fortunately it's not too smelly. I like the sculptural whitened branches in front of the red stems at the back of the flowerbed

From a different angle - so neat and tidy ready for all the plants to spring into action

Tiny flowers

So many different buds everywhere plump smooth green buds with a slight red tinge

Bright sun from behind these thick dark leaves producing dark shadows from nearby stems

An attempt at a closer look at the buds or seed pods on the high branches of the tree that will have huge leaves. I'm still none the wiser. I wish I could have a close look at one of these.

More buds - these have separate sections and are much redder than the plump smooth green buds shown earlier

The witch hazel flowers are still going strong - greyish buds are appearing near each little explosion of pale "petals"

A hole made by a woodpecker. The gardener has seen a parakeet peeping out of here.

These little red buds are about the size of pinheads

Curly pale green leaves 

Seed pods forming in the hellebores

Earlier on in the process of forming seed pods

Leafy buds opening


Many of the snowdrops have finished now but the ones along the edge of the grass near the yew arch are still flowering

Several clumps of dried grasses remain - reminding me of sound waves

or patterns from a heart monitors

or fountains

Tiny Rosemary flowers 

Bright sunny splash of colour

Another tiny cluster of orange flowers on bright magenta stems - and a chance for a closer look

Seed pods

A clump of miniature daffodils

An explosion of bulrush seeds

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. wow, what fabulous shapes and colours and textures this time! Tomorrow is forecast wet so I am guessing you won't get another trip...

    1. Thank you Helen. Actually I'd enjoy a visit in the rain as I like taking photos in all weathers but unfortunately I don't have time so it will have to wait for another day.