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Monday, 14 March 2016

Bright morning walk (Coombe Wood)

The sun was shining - birds sang - and I was enjoying the fact that my back was a bit more comfortable than usual

The pond wasn't as clear as it has been - there were swirls of algae around the edge today. Funny how it's clear one day but not so clear another day

The willow buds are developing fast

Little blue snowdrop-like flowers opened like stars in the sunlight

White pollen on a hellebore

For some reason the two tiny waterfalls in the stream around the corner sounded a lot louder than usual.

Several plants that look a bit like pineapple tops seem to have shot up recently

These little blue flowers are really tiny - the leaves and the inside of the flowers are covered in miniscule hairs. I like the combination of pale blue at the edge, going into a deeper blue next to the pink in the middle

From the side

Daisy-like flowers in the sunshine - a different shade of blue with a purple tinge

A twin rotor helicopter flew over noisily

Magnolia tree thick with buds almost ready to burst open

There was one early one open the other day - a couple were showing their colour today

Two cats playing in the sun

Daffodils bobbing in the breeze - crocuses at their feet, still tightly shut in the shade

The pampas grass has been cut down - ready for all the new growth

The hessian and tarpaulin banana plant protection has been readjusted since the strong winds disturbed it. Evidence of the gardener's hard work is everywhere - so many plants have been cut back and mulched and the flower beds have lovely neat edges.

Another very neat flower bed. The tree next to the shelter has crocuses growing under it as well as the remains of the snowdrops

A pool of sunlight through the trees. A couple of young trees have mesh around them to protect them from the deer. I've never seen any deer in Coombe Wood but I have seen evidence of their eating habits

I'm interested to see what forms inside the remainder of the witch hazel flowers. Seed pods . . . berries?

As I was feeling a bit better today I decided to try the longer walk and go right over the hills.

The larger laurel shrubs up the hill seem to be further ahead than the ones by the fence in the car park. When the flowers are young their middles are bright egg-yolk-yellow. They will turn a duller beige colour later on

I felt very unsafe walking on the uneven ground. My sense of balance has deteriorated badly since the back trouble began so I had to take it extremely slowly but I was glad I managed it (without falling over!)

I saw this construction on a shorter walk up the hill with my grandson when we came to do some photography together for his scouts badge

From inside 

The roof is a bit thin

There's a set of steps going down the hill as well as the steps you can see going up the other side. They're both very steep and I can't manage them. I had to go the long way round - very slowly down the slopes again

Strange things on the hills . . . a half eaten gardening glove

 . . . and a collection of pine cones and pebbles - arranged in a line on a bench with a pebble in front of each pine cone

These buds are developing fast - they will turn into dangling threads of creamy bells

First sight of some bluebells

"White bells" in the mesh around another young tree

 A crocus opening up in the sunshine

A few snowdrops are still flowering along the edge of the grass by the yew arch

Grape hyacinths

White primula's in the sunshine - I like the yellow stars in the middle

A thick carpet of magenta primulas in the higher flower bed behind the ferns and red and bluey purple in the lower flower bed

Coming to the end of the tiny daffodils

The bulrushes have dried out and regained their fluffiness - seeds getting caught up in the breeze

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. wow, this was a long walk - hope your back doesn't complain too much tomorrow (or even this evening) but it was worth it for the results.

    1. Thank you Helen - not too bad at the moment! It was worth it for the sense of achievement.