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Friday, 18 December 2015

Warm late Autumn walk in Coombe Wood

There are only a few more days of Autumn left before Winter is officially here. Apparently it starts on the 21st December.

It was more like Spring yesterday when I went for my walk - the temperature was 16.5.

The pond barely rippled

A fish disturbed the willow twig reflections 

Wide open hellibore

More plants cut back - plenty of new growth showing.

Bumble bees were busy on the mahonias

One of the last trees to lose its leaves.

A tangle of seed pods and new buds draped with fallen pine needles.

The tall tree that had been clothed in orange ten days ago - empty now.

Bright leaves collecting at the edge of the path beneath.

Squirrels chased each other, leaves rustling as they scampered around playing tag.

The witch hazel tree is even more covered in its strange tentacled flowers.

They're now open enough to see their yellow pollen laden anthers against dark velvety centres.

Berries beginning to show their seeds.

Beech nuts. 

More hellibores pushing up through the Autumn leaves.

 A mass of fluffy buds

The big beech tree, completely empty of leaves.

Patches of blue sky and sunshine. 

One of the cats was very vocal and meowed at me till I stroked it.

It followed me to the concrete bench  and used the rough edge to scratch its chin.

and purred with bliss. 

Pairs of long winged seeds hanging on thin stems

Colourful flowers coming out.

Little red stemmed dark plum like berries by the gate.

Looking closer and thinking about ear ring designs again.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Fabulous photos. It's crazy mild!

    1. Thank you Helen. Very warm again today too. When the cold comes it will hit us hard! (For some reason your comment went on twice - I've deleted one.)

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