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Friday, 4 December 2015

Blue sky and winter sunshine at Coombe Wood

A lovely morning for a walk.

The pond was extremely clear - just right for lovely reflections.

The little waterfall was creating ripples which shattered the mirror image into fragments.

The low sunshine illuminated a plant, a cluster of berries or a leaf here and there.

These leaves were green the other day - now bright red and almost camouflaging the berries.

I caught sight of some blue behind the other plants but couldn't get near enough for a clear view of the irises. I wasn't expecting to see these at this time of year.

A few remaining leaves - and a lovely clear blue sky.

The strong scent of the mahonia hit me again - it always takes me by surprise.

The golden rain tree definitely has no pods on it this year.

Texture in the prairie beds - soft fluffy grasses and darkened stems with empty seed pods.

Some of the plants have been cut down giving a clearer view across to the pampas grass.

These were the tall yellow daisy-like flowers.

The view from one side of the prairie beds to the little hut.

Cut down. 

Bobbly stems in front of the callicarpa berries.

Sunlight through the trees. 

No leaves left on the orange acer - only the lower leaves remain on the red acer.

Bare acer branches. 

Leaves from the red acer in a patch of sunlight.

 A tree which still has a lot of orange leaves which were catching the sunlight.

Ivy clad tree trunks.

The gardener was clearing leaves. 

These spindle berries are coming out several weeks later than they were last year.

Beech nuts.

Berry strewn path.

A couple of visits ago this tree was still covered with clusters of orange berries. They've all gone now - leaving stems that resemble stripped grape stalks.

A slim patch of sunlight lit the end of the lawn - the rest was in shade.

Little collections of leaves had gathered here and there.

The white birch trunk stood out against the blue sky.

Three contrasting trees - the draping golden hair of a birch next to deep dark green, next to bare branches.

The floaty branches are dark against the blue sky and light against the dark green tree.

Last few bits of growth on a dying plant - star-like in the sunshine. 

A green corner turning orange and red. 

Shiny berries.

Looking back at the lawn - the sunlight at the end has gone.

Moss on the roof of the long shelter. I wondered where the trickling water was coming from - steady dripping but no obvious source.

The winter planting is already beginning to fill out a bit.

Large sculptural allium seed head - fallen among reddening leaves.

A shot of bright colour. in the sunshine. 

Golden light on the curved wall. This had been covered with nasturtiums and other plants last time I was there.

Rose hips peeping over the wall. 

Looking closer at spiny stems and wrinkled rose hips.


Bright plump berries.

Fish swimming in clear water. 

Nestled in the holly bush there are severed silvery leaves which are beginning to skeletonise.

Tiny berries by the pond.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. so nice to see bright blue sky! love the woods today; great photos.