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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mist, water droplets and spiders webs at Coombe Wood

It was a misty Monday morning and having noticed some amazing spiders webs in the garden I headed to Coombe Wood quite early hoping to see a few good webs there - I wasn't disappointed.

My sister who lives locally was also going for a walk in Coombe Wood - we met and enjoyed a walk together.

Misty pond

Armies of spiders had made a crazy array of trailing threads, nets and meshes which were covered with droplets of water. They were like holograms which suddenly came into focus - but it only took one tiny step to the left or right for them to vanish again.

Tiny threads among the berries

The mist obscured familiar backgrounds

Droplets of water acted as magnifying glasses on the almost invisible stripes on these broad leaves

Silvery threads festooned across the flowers

Looking more like a white Christmas tree than a grass seed head with its droplet baubles and webby tinsel decorations

Webs in all different shapes and sizes 

Some neat and some damaged and holey

A group of school children were having an drama lesson by the little hut. What a brilliant idea for them to be acting a Shakespeare play in the open instead of in a classroom

Mist surrounding the prairie beds

Webby madness

An incredibly neat web with a star shaped edge and lovely contrast between the very tight central area and the lacier outer rings which droop with the heaviness of the water droplets.

Long threads wafting around the beauty berries

Webs like delicate crystal bowls, heavy with the droplets of water

Webs trapping falling leaves

The sound of dripping from the trees

Fine strands making connections between the leaves

Abstract web making

Fine threads and water droplets

So many different webs - but the spiders had all gone into hiding. I expect they were sheltering somewhere waiting for their webs to dry

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. the spider webs are fantastic, such amazing close ups, I can never capture them! Glad you had such a good visit.

  2. Such wonderful web photos, I would love to decorate my Christmas tree this year with such gorgeous beauty! What an inspiration spiders are!

    1. Thank you Cath - I was very lucky with all those webs!