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Friday, 6 November 2015

Yesterday at Coombe Wood

Yesterday at Coombe Wood a heron was wading in the water at the edge of the pond when I arrived.
Unhappy about my approach the heron took off and perched on a rock the other side of the pond for a short while before flying up into the trees and out of sight.

Up the path towards the steps, using the zoom on the camera I could see yew berries - not just a few but thousands and thousands covering the tree that from a distance looked like a plain dark green evergreen to me.

I wonder if anyone else can see the berries from a distance or if it's just because of my sight problems that they're invisible to me without the aid of the zoom on the camera. The tree was absolutely laden with berries.

Wet leaves

 Leaf skeleton with raindrops

No evidence of pods on the golden rain tree this year

That splash of red grass is very red

 Yellow flowers still giving colour to the prairie beds

Falling leaves forming pools of colour underneath their trees until they're moved by the wind - or the gardener.

Giant leaves falling from a young tree

Banana flower with another petal opening. The weather is still so warm that the plant hasn't been wrapped yet.

Korean pine cone with resin that looks granulated now. I didn't prod it to see if it was still sticky - I had enough trouble trying to remove the stickiness last time I touched it.

Some of the trees are shedding their autumn colours really quickly now.

 String of berries

Wet leaves sticking to whatever plant is in their way 

Leaves displaying their colours on a bench

Behind one of the wide flower beds next to the lawn I noticed more berries peeping out from behind the tall plants at the back - I must go back for a closer look next time.

The big beech tree from the lawn.

Water droplets on leaf and stem

I thought there were white fuchsias but when I looked closer I discovered they're pink and lilac.

 Starry seed head

Seed pods by the pond

Shiny red berries against peeling green paint 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Gorgeous photos - love the one of the heron, and the yew berries! Hope you stayed dry. I wanted to go to Kew tomorrow but think I'll be beaten by the weather.

    1. Thank you Helen. I hope you get to Kew today.