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Friday, 30 October 2015

Washed - Coombe Wood after the rain

A painfully slow but thoroughly enjoyable walk after the rain. The pond had cleared and the fallen willow leaves were clearly visible on the bottom

I focused the camera on this big orange fish and was surprised to see several smaller dark fish around it - which I hadn't been able to see without the camera

Bare branches with raindrops

Little berries with water droplets hanging - (ossibly berberis?)

The colours in the prairie beds looked more subdued

The seeds which were so fluffy the other day were hanging their soggy heads

The wind and rain have brought a lot more leaves down now and I could hear the sound of the gardener with his leaf clearing machine in the distance. 

Some of the trees still have most of their leaves

Two banana flower petals on the ground under the tree. The pale one that looks a bit like a mushroom has fallen recently but the really dark one at the bottom right must have fallen a few days ago

The dripping wet beauty berries

Leaves were tumbling with every lift of the breeze

Great drips hung the end of each frond of this plant like diamond pendants

The path had been washed by a stream of rainwater leaving a trail of undulating lines in the fallen pine needles

Looking up through some tall ferns

I like the way they produce richer colours where they overlap

Beech leaves and beech nuts

Ivy flowers

Red acer peeping through the other autumn leaves

Orange tips on flame red leaves

Golden carpet of wet shiny leaves

More red berries with water droplets

Masses of orange berries

Looking closer - they're like mini orange pumpkins

Perfect reflections in the pond

Weeping willow reflections

Disturbed reflections

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. wow, what gorgeous photos again today - really love the last couple of the reflections, and also the wet leaves, they look so bright when they're sodden!

    1. Thank you Helen. The water really does enhance the already amazing colours!