Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn colours at Coombe Wood

This afternoon I had a slow walk - coughing most of the way but it was great to get out in the sunshine. I didn't even mind a couple of light showers during my journey. I'm glad I timed my walk when I did - there were several heavy downpours before and afterwards

A couple of fish jumped and splashed in the water as I passed the pond making ripples and distorting reflections on the clear surface. A large fish came extremely close, swimming into very shallow water. I was impressed by its reverse swimming

I brushed against several spiders webs that I hadn't noticed while concentrating on taking photos. Funny how I'm not bothered by spiders when I'm behind the camera - but wouldn't react so calmly to getting spiders or their webs on me if I wasn't taking photos at the time

The gardener was working in the flower beds to the right of the gate digging out plants. It's a shame they have to go before some of them are finished but the beds need to be ready for bulb planting soon

Tiny moss

This might be a mahonia. The flowers are very small and from a distance you can just see sprays of little orange flowers. You have to get much closer to see the vibrant magenta stems.

The gardeners wheelbarrow-cart

This is what is left of the lily of the valley


 These berries look as if they have been frosted

and these little oval berries look as if they have been highly polished

The overflowing bank of daisies has lasted for most of the year and still looks good

Yew berries

No sign of the golden rain tree seed pods

Purple tinged grass seeds

The last few echinacea buds

Rowan berries (I think)

Pampas grass

From a distance I thought some of these seed pods had opened and were showing their red linings and seeds. Then I looked closer - not seed pods at all - leafy bits (very technical) with neatly spaced baby snails

Clusters of pale orange berries against purple tinged leaves

There were a couple of light showers of rain while I was out. Big water droplets hung from these lemon shaped red berries

Are you fed up with the banana flower? Sorry - here it is again. A snail had taken shelter under one of the big petals

Shafts of light illuminated leaves 

and made webs glisten

 More spindle berries have opened

I'm still waiting for these to open

These small berries look like little red apples 

A closer look at the spindle berries

Orange leaves. Is this an azalea I wonder? Are those brown pods what's left from the yellow scented flowers? Possibly - although the leaves on the bigger one next to it (which I know is a yellow scented azalea) haven't turned orange yet so I'm not sure if this is a different plant

Purple Michaelmas daisies

More little pale orange berries

Flower beds being cleared. The lovely smell of freshly dug soil

Oval berries by the gate. I wonder what colour these will be later on

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. Loving all the berries, Angela - and well done for missing the heavy rain.

  2. Lovely yet again, and I did laugh at the backwards swimming fish, something I'll have to try on Friday when I next go swimming!

    1. Thank you Cath. Enjoy your backwards swimming!