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Monday, 8 June 2015

Very slow walk in Coombe Wood

The car park was full so I had to park over the road. This meant I walked past part of the pond that I don't usually have a good look at. I think this might be a gunnera. It has pine tree shaped flowers on it. 

This might be a candelabra primula. It has at least four tiers and maybe another one coming at the top. I've seen these in strong shades of red, orange and yellow before but I don't remember seeing one in this bright pink . . . 

. . . or the pale pinky orange behind it. 

Damsel flies were swooping about in the sunshine. A couple of them stopped and posed on leaves for a short while.

I haven't noticed these pinky red flowers by the pond before . . . 

. . . or this red one - it looks like a bit like a tea cosy. 

Even more of these cheerful white flowers have burst out.

 Little yellow flowers on thick fleshy stems.

Foxgloves starting to open.

Unknown buds - mystery flowers on their way. 

Little yellow flowers pushing through the daisies. 

The prairie bed was being watered. 

Love-in-a-mist opening to show their crazy centres. 

The red flowers that look like party blowers - the gardener did tell me what they were called but I've forgotten - I really must write things down.

These white flowers have delicate pink markings and look as if they have been folded.

Some new flower spikes are forming by the side of the pathway that goes towards the steps - they have lovely red stems with downy hairs which catch the sunlight.

 Something else I haven't noticed before is opening beyond the little hut.

The palm flowers I have photographed the last few times I've been there are developing incredibly rapidly.

Further on there are a few delicate pink bells remaining. 

I'd forgotten about the shrub that produces buds that look like iced gem biscuits. I had noticed this one for the first time last year.
The bees are still enjoying the rhododendrons. 

These seem like lantern shaped pods from a distance but it's easier to see that they are flowers now they've opened.

Some of the bleeding heart flowers are beginning to turn into seeds pods.

I find it really interesting to notice what a lot of different kinds of bees there are. This is quite a round one.

Little blue flowers peeping through the foliage. 

What a strange coloured iris - rust coloured? 

The pink peonies are on their way. I love these -  when they're open they remind me of pink meringues or bridesmaids' tiered and ruffled frilly dresses.

Butterfly or moth? No idea but it was tiny and very pretty . . .

. . . and there was another one on another flower - they're similar but this one has white stripes on its body, 

The wild flower bed seems to have grown several inches each time I go to Coombe Wood. Some little flowers are opening around the edge.  

The water sprayer had been moved over to a different area of the prairie bed.

The gardener was trimming a plant next to the big hut. 

These big poppy buds will look fabulous when they open. 

 I like the pink and white froth of buds and flowers on this shrub.

A glimpse back - the gardener has nearly finished giving that shrub a haircut.

By the gate - really tiny flowers with a little beetle . . .

. . . and the moss stems which were such a bright green not long ago have turned brown now. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. What a lovely walk you had today! the big green one is indeed gunnera, though I don't remember noticing flowers on the ones at Kew (although I'd be in the lake if I went close enough to see !) Love the rust coloured iris, and the little blue flowers the butterfly/moth is on!

    1. Thank you very much Helen. That was quick!!!!!

  2. Everything is just burgeoning with summer colour now Angela, and I love those candelabra primulas, I've not seen them before, so something new for me!

  3. Yes Cath - it's all happening out there!