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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Coombe Wood walk

Over a week since my last visit - and there was quite a difference

The extra wide red hot poker no longer looks like a child's drawing of a crown - it now reminds me of a "Fab" lolly! 

The fine hairs on these stems and buds catch the light and the little flowers seem to glow

There are new leafy plants in what was one of the tulip beds -green tinted with red on the top of the leaves - wonderful rust colour underneath with the sun shining through

These flowers have fabulous tufty middles

Clusters of tiny flowers hanging like neat tubes

I don't remember having had a good look at these tiny flowers before. From a distance they look like a sea of delicate pink - but close up their dainty stripes and variations of colour are incredible. 

This flower looks as if it has chenille pipe cleaners curling out of the middle. 

Poppies are bursting their buds in the extended wild flower - with plenty more to come. A multitude of buds hang poised and ready

 These grass seeds look like glass.

A seed on my finger - each seed measures about 5x7mm. 
What an amazing structure!

Hydrangeas  - neat raspberry bobbles with lilac tufts exploding from them, surrounded by pink tinted white flowers with delicate raspberry centres

I'm amazed at how fast some plants grow. It's not all that long ago that the foreground was fairly flat

Shimmering shaggy flower

These flowers look like floating clouds hovering over the plant

Last week the middles of these strange flowers were just a cluster of plump pale green bobbles but now hovering over them on delicate stems are tiny delicately tinted lilac "beads"

More strange flowers 

 Looking closer

The wide flower beds beside the lawn are overflowing with plants now. 

Pink poppies

Gorgeous pink peonies

 Aquilegia seeds still looking great after the flowers have finished

Lovely deep colour


More flowers in the same colour range . . .

The bigger alliums are still going strong

Happy bees

I nearly missed this peachy rose hiding among the blues and purples

 Very small flowers

Closer- lilac bobbles floating from tiny pinky white cups

 Yellow rattle - little structures that remind me of parrots beaks

Sunshine yellow

 Love in a mist

Delicious colour combination

 The damsel flies were very active

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. What with the 'FAB' lolly lookalike, and the raspberry colours, I'm beginning to feel a bit peckish! Such gorgeous colours and shapes though, and they certainly feed our souls too.

    1. Yes Cath it does feed the soul - it helps restore perspective - it is so easy to focus on all the horrible things that are going on in the world - specially after a week like this one - it's good to be reminded of the beauty of nature.