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Monday, 29 June 2015

Poppies and other things at Coombe Wood

I'm supposed to be walking - the doctor said so - it's supposed to be good for me . .  so although I felt absolutely dreadful today I pushed myself and went for a walk. My body didn't feel any better but it did my spirit good.

Buds by the pond

"Spraying in process" (water) - I was so glad it was. I deliberately stood too close several times - it was very refreshing on such a hot day. Several children were playing in and out of the other water spray near the prairie bed - how lovely to be a child. 

Fabulous flower middles.

Yellow flowers - one transforming into a berry

Crumpled like pink tissue paper

 Tiny delicate bottle brush-like flowers

 A bee stocking up on pollen

Poppies - just look at all those buds waiting to open

Watering the prairie bed

Grasses flowering

Korean pine cone - not so blue now - this is only about an inch tall. What an amazing structure

The little pink flowers like umbrella's are crumpling and dying off now. Look at those anthers on the stamens - each one like a pair of tall slim vases joined together.

Looking closer at the foxglove patterns

I really like the shapes the seed pods make when they curl back to release their seeds - making unique little temporary natural sculptures.

Some of the smaller flowers are really fluffy . . .

. . . white fluff

 . . . and pink fluff

A friend told me that the centre of these will be doing more - so I'm keeping a close eye on them. The green bits in the middle are curling back a bit more now.

I'm waiting for this strange, almost furry bud to flower - you can just about see the first signs of purply colour near the base of it.

Geometric flower spike

Orangey red little flowers

White delphinium

Little round flowers on long stems - bobbing about in the breeze

Elegant white flowers

 A mass of pink - I don't think I've noticed these before

Strange yellow structures among the wild flowers

Petals . . . a perfect receptacle if your stamens fall off

More of the crumpled pale orange "bell" flowers are opening now. The leaves of this plant are mottled.

The inside of these pinky blue flowers have delicate pink stripes . . .

. . . bold stripes in these brightly coloured flowers

 Californian poppy

Gorgeous cloud of tiny pink flowers

The weight of the "Fab-lolly" bloom has bent the wide flat stem over but the triple width flower is still trying to grow towards the light - I'm sure there's a lesson here 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. I am amazed that you could bear to go out in the heat today - and it's set to get warmer! Great results, though, some really beautiful blooms today - and I don't blame you for straying near the water spray!.

  2. That spray does look inviting, I could do with one of those right now! I love your photos Angela, and I also love the words you use to describe their textures, shapes, colours etc.