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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Tuesday 10th - Coombe Wood walk

Quite a chilly morning after what we have been used to!

The beds at the entrance are filling out so fast!

These tiny berries look like little apples. 

Little red winged seeds among the green acer leaves. 


Such vibrant colour! 

More waving grasses - it was quite breezy. 

Golden rain tree from a distance. 

A sea of citrus colours

 New flowers opening. 

Some of these bubble-like lical buds are are beginning to open.

Yes - I got carried away photographing the Golden Rain Tree again. Each time I think it can't possibly get better - but it does!

Confetti of tiny flowers on the ground. 

 Busy bees.

Hairy legs.

Damaged wings - didn't seem to affect its flight.

Tiny white flowers with lilac anthers

Pink and yellow, bright in the sun. 

Quite a few hydrangeas coming - I love the mixtures of pinks, purples and blues and the way the middles errupt so joyously.

Each little dark bobble under the leaves is a spindleberry waiting to open.

Cornus flowers are the individual little bits on the stalk. The bracts are bown, curled and a bit crispy now.

It was hard to photograph these - the wind was blowing.

Single or double flower spikes surrounded by shorter ones lower down the stem. The bigger one or two at the centre have interesting tops - some flat, some forked.

Drifts of colur in the herbaceous border. 

Teasels - band of tiny lilac flowers. 

 Different pattern of stropes and a feasting bee.

Two poppies this time! One very crumpled - this was the best one.

Hops beginning. 



Crazy colours! 

Flower beds near the entrance. 

It was the RAF 100 years flypast at Buckingham Palace at 1pm. While the last planes were flying over the palace, helicopters and chinooks in formation flew over our garden. We heard them overhead and as I dashed into the garden I grabbed my camera but knocked the setting in my hurry to get out of the door. I ended up taking some bizarre photos on the random effects setting and only got a couple of reasonable pictures as they flew away.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Fabulous photos, love the teasels and the rudbeckia are so vibrant.

    1. Thank you Helen. Yes - I love the teasel stripes! So much colour - lovely time of year.