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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

August Sketchpack Project


I have taken part in the August Sketchpack Project for the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. People from all over the world take part and everyone does a drawing a day throughout August. We share our drawings in a Facebook group and many of the Sketchpacks are displayed afterwards in South Africa. 

I struggled to start drawing on Day 1, unsure which of many ideas for themes to settle with - e.g. pebbles or seeds and pods,or close up views of fruit and veg etc. I finally decided to draw the rusty items my sister had very kindly collected from the beach for me when I was experimenting with rust dyeing paper and fabric (which I will be doing more of) but I was very unhappy with my first drawing - two broken links of rusty chain with bits of concrete on it. 
I posted my drawing on the Facebook Sketchpack Project page saying I wasn't happy with it and that I was thinking about starting again. I decided on Day 2, with encouragement from another person who is taking part in the project, not to start again but to add my thoughts to the page and carry on with Day 2. 

Here are my drawings for Day 1 and Day 2. I have also added thoughts on Day 2 about what I didn't like about the drawing on Day 1. 
Most people do their drawings in a concertina book although others use various small sketchbooks, bought or home made. I have made a concertina book for my drawings but slightly different from a normal concertina book as it's a meander book, which seems extra appropriate now as I'm including my meandering thoughts along with the drawings. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. love your meandering book, and also your annotated sketch! Enjoy the challenge!