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Monday, 7 August 2017

August Sketchpack Project (Days 3-7)

DAYS 3-7

I wrote about Days 1 and 2 in my blog post "August Sketchpack Project" (2nd August). I was unhappy with my Day 1 drawing and was tempted to start again because it looked more like a crabs claw than a two broken parts of rusty chain with bits of concrete on but by Day 2 I was glad I had been encouraged to persevere with it and not start again and I began to enjoy the challenge..

The meander book seems to have taken on a life of its own with the drawings spreading over the pages and intruding on other days yet to come. It's not just the drawings that are wandering onto other pages but the writing is also meandering around the pages - and in the case of Day 7 has begun to slip off the page onto the next one.

Here's the flattened out meander book showing the drawing beginning to spill across the pages. 

This is the meander book unfolded - the plan is for the the finished book to make sense when flattened out as well as when its folded.


Concertina'd (is there even such a word?) 

Thank you very much for coming to see my progress on this project. . 


  1. I think it's looking fantastic! Will really look forward to seeing it develop further.