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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Two walks (Saturday and Monday) Coombe Wood

I've been told that the font I've been using isn't on most mobile gadgets and it appears on them as very fancy and hard to read text. So what about this? Is it legible? Better than the other one?

The bank of flowers as you come in the gate is filling out beautifully.

Beside the little stream behind the pond tall flower spikes stand - looking grubby yellow but getting closer their pink bottle brush stamens are even fluffier than last time I looked at them.

Little bright red flowers - the big allium seed heads are no obstacle - the red flowers just grow through the sculptural spheres

Zingy orange flowers with ragged petals and extravagant middles.

These are absolutely tiny and almost insignificant until taking a better look.

Looking closer usually makes me ask many more questions than I find answers for. I wonder what's going on here - some of the anthers are dark and small - others are bright pink and plump. Does one kind develop into the other - if so which comes first? If not, why are they different?

Love in a mist seed pods turning purple and the fronds around some of them are even darker purple.

Shaggy pom-pom flowers with textured middles - I can see these reproduced with wool - knitting and crochet for the different textures,

Trees against the blue sky. 

Flower bed at the entrance. 


The flower beds from a different angle. 

Exquisite centre - with shadow. 

Bee having a good rummage.

Tiny alpine plants

Strange tiny flowers in the alpine container. 

The archway near the cafe - covered in various plants including the hop plants which are trailing down from the wires attached to the brick arch.

Pink roses and purple clematis against deep blue cloudless sky.

Ferns lit by the sun. 

Fading poppies in the sunlight. 

Little grass seeds. 

Purply blue bobbles and red spikes with wide long leafy plant behind them.

The colour of the golden rain tree is echoed by the little mounds of grass at the bottom left.

Glistening grassy fronds billowing in the breeze.

Back to this striking combination again for a closer look

and a closer look at the greeny-yellow grassy mounds

Echinaceas (I think)

The lilac bubble-like flowers are so lovely - sorry more photos of them coming.

But back to the golden rain tree (jumping around quite a bit - I didn't know what to look at first!) I met the gardener later on and he told me he'd never seen so many flowers on it before and he is hopeful that it will be covered in the little lantern seed pods later on.

The flowers look yellow till you get really close - the centre of each flower is tinged red which looks as if it probably fades as the flower opens more fully.

The lilac bubble shaped flowers from further round - lit up by the sun.

From further back those lilac bubbles look like a lilac mist with the pops of strong and solid red in front.

More red in these grasses - like stained glass in the sunlight. 

Deep red -(these are very small). 

I watched a bee as it worked its way all around the edge of this flower.

Sunflower - such a lot of colours and shapes combined.

Red sedums? Or something else?

Looking closer at a couple of peculiar flowers.

Sideways - the base reminds me of a pineapple. 

Such a bright red!

I loved the colours and shadows on these leaves. 

These looked plain white from a distance but their white petals have burgundy and lemon speckles

Such a variety of things happening on the hydrangea.

Strange twisty seed pods - I missed the flowers this year.

Old pods from last year. While I was taking this photo a stream of walkers passed by. 

Strange creatures on here.

Yellow rattle among other wildflowers.

Seed pods. 

I was looking at the amazing patterns in flower middles again here.

Another stream of walkers (or the same ones again) in the background.

Seeds on very tall plants at the back of the herbaceous border.

Jewel like orange and yellow. 

Coleus flower

Another look at those colourful flower beds near the entrance.


Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. I did love the old font - although of course now I can't visualise what it looked like - but your new choice IS very clear to read (especially as i don't put my glasses on this early!) Love the love in a mist pods - they are gorgeous. A colourful display all round today

    1. Thank you Helen. I think the heading (Two walks......) is still in the old font - I haven't worked out how to change it yet.