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Monday, 3 July 2017

Another theft and sinking allium seed heads (Coombe Wood).

Monday morning - very warm but quite overcast for most of my walk.

The pond is very green again. 

I don't usually give yellow flowers much attention (prefer other colours) but the closer I look the more interested I get.

Abundance of yellow Ladies Mantle flowers spilling over the path.

The lemony colour of the buds is draining out of these as they open - just a hint of lemon left now.

The other day just a few of these were out - now there's a mass of tiny flowers.

Opposite extreme- big thick petals. 

Look at the texture on these chunky petals. 

and the curl of the petals and stamens on those that have opened. 


I haven't given these any attention - decided to have a closer look.

and discovered red tufty structures (fluffy filaments) in the middle of each flower.

Just one or two of these were open last time but now the shrub is covered in white flowers

Rose hips swelling. 

Bright little berries with tufts at the top. 

Huge pink anthers on these little bobbly flowers.

Grass seeds open  and looking like little arrow heads.

Silvery leaves with green veins. 

I like the pattern made by the overlapping edges.

The breeze was making these sway and the bees had to cling on tight.

I like the way the sun lit up the lower white tufts

The Golden Rain Tree is in full flower now. 

The flowers are tiny but together they form a delicate yellow veil over the tree.

I wanted to take a closer look at these - didn't realise till I looked at the photo on the computer that I'd caught a picture of a transparent green tinted spider on the underside of the flower that has flopped over,

Bud structure - they're only about 1.5 cms in length. 

The first few asters are out - although apparently they're not called asters any more. The gardener told me last week that they've had their name changed - how confusing.

I usually get in close in this area but today I enjoyed a wider view with the contrasts of colour, shape and texture - dark pleated fingers of palm, broad light green banana leaves and dark pine needles.

Beautyberry - transitioning between flower and berry, 

Acer leaves reddening and leaving green veins. 

There's a mass of these pink flowers on tall silvery green stems on the way to the wobbly log and the stepping stone tree slices which were all over the place today as a group of young children were turning them over and searching for bugs.

The later opening hydrangea - the middle bobbles turning pink.

Red daisy-like flowers with petals thrust back almost as soon as they open.

Scarlet exotic looking flowers - a couple leaning into each other.

Upright spikes - slender blue stems in front of the tall thick leaves of another plant, creating vertical stripes.

Many of the allium seed heads seem to be sinking as the surrounding plants spring up and grow through them, almost swallowing them up.

Such neat stripes inside these flowers - landing strip for the bees?

Orange and luminous yellow. 

A hint of peach. 

Contrasting unruly yellow flowers against the neat blue delphiniums.

Drifts of light flowers  in front of raspberry flowers and purple in the background - creating delicious layers in the herbaceous borders.

And again in the raised beds near the entrance.

Small sunflower. 

Tiny pink flowers on the foliage that scrambles over the walls of the top flower bed.

Top flower bed. 

Very pink

Very small white flowers that look dotty till you look closer - tiny stamens with dark anthers arranged around a white pumpkin shaped middle.

Curl of stripy fern leaf .


Clematis beginning to grow through giant allium seed head.

Tiny red daisies in the alpine trough. 

Even tinier pinky red flowers, smaller than my little finger nail.

Looking through the arch with the hop plant dangling.

This lot is coming along nicely. Sadly, the gardener told me that several more plants had been stolen over the weekend.

As I was about to leave the gardener was watering some of the flower beds near to the gate.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Gorgeous yet again Angela. The weeks are passing so quickly, and seeing how all the plants and flowers vary so much from day to day just confirms how nothing stays the same. Something I didn't seem to be aware of when I was a youngster, but am so aware of now, and it's great that you are able to capture the beauty of a split second in your images.

    1. So true about the passing of time Cath

  2. Gorgeous photos, Angela! shame about the low life stealing the plants though.

    1. Thank you Helen. Yes it's horrible what some people do!