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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Fibonacci spirals and water spray (Coombe Wood)

Friday morning - much cooler and a bit of a breeze . . .

The pond was looking clearer again and fish were congregating near the primula vialii. You can only see the darker fish when they swim in front of an orange or silvery one.

I don't recognise these flowers. 

Fabulous central structures in these delicate pink flowers.

A tall leafy plant that reminds me of a pineapple top has produced a flower spike which I only noticed because I stumbled on the uneven path, My balance isn't brilliant but fortunately I managed to stay on my feet although I ended up facing the other way - and there it was right in front of me.

 At the top of the little steps, the lavender under the acer tree is flowering.

How did I miss these last time - or weren't they out yet? But there are some that have died at the bottom already - surely they must have been out last time.

White bobbly flower spikes. 

I've seen plenty of white and blue love-in-a-mist flowers but I don't remember ever seeing pink ones before.

The acer at the top of the crooked little steps

These plants are shooting up so fast.

Dripping allium seed head. 

Thick leaves and red stems - covered in glittering water droplets.


Golden rain tree flower buds 


Three days ago I photographed the crown imperial fritillaria - I don't remember seeing all these yellow flowers around it - have they really come out since then?

Tall grasses swayed and rustled in the breeze. 



Looking closer. 

Looking closer at the colourful fern leaves. 

I've just watched "The Autistic Gardener" on TV - it was brilliant to hear him talking so excitedly about geometry in nature, Fibonacci numbers etc. These Korean pine cones must be brilliant examples of Fibonacci spirals.

 Beautyberry flowers

All of the purple flowers have fallen from the tree with huge leaves.

A few days ago these flowers almost covered the tree - shriveling now.

All that's left of the pink frothy flowers I photographed last time.

I love this colour.

Very geometric. 

Early flower surrounded by buds. 


Not long ago this allium was camouflaged - now the contrasts of structure and texture show.

Big poppy seedheads. 

Fibonacci spiral centres? 

Flower bed transformation. 

Butterfly drinking from damp path

Forest of Love-in-a-mist seed pods.

Californian poppies - all the petals have fallen but still interesting structurally.

Trumpet shaped Fuchsia flowers.

The gardener had removed the water spray from its stand and was reaching out to water the higher flower bed.

I asked the gardener if he'd seen the ducklings lately and he told me that someone (I think he said it was a dog warden) had discovered mother duck and her ducklings either crossing Coombe Road or at the other side of the road and they had been taken to Waddon Ponds for their own safety because the pond there is further away from the road. 

Delicate pink flowers bursting open. 

I told the gardener how amazed I was that he had managed to plant up all the flower beds in that heat wave. He didn't know how he'd managed it either - he said he'd just put his head down and carried on with it. (That's dedication.)

I was about to leave when he called me from behind the pond where he was spraying water on the pond. He told me there was a brilliant rainbow on the pond. I went over to have a look - it was double from where I was standing. He was spraying the pond to break up any of the green film on it and because the fish seem to like it.

As I was about to leave the gardener had turned the spray onto the flower bed behind the pond.

I paused to look over the fence as I was about to get in my car and he had started to make his way up the path showering the recently planted beds on his way.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

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