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Friday, 2 June 2017

Coombe Wood with a friend - Thursday morning.

A very enjoyable walk with a friend who is on the same wavelength concerning all kinds of things including nature photography. (Many photos were taken between us.)

Wonderful colours - Copper Beech Tree 

Blue sky

Empty flower beds waiting for the next planting. 

Pale lemon iris by the pond 

Another - but this one has a delicate pattern on its lower petals

Orange candelabra primulas

Bee on tiny pink flowers 

Little alliums

Roses beginning to show

Big fish - fins catching the sunlight

Ladies mantle

Bee foraging

Pastel pink with a shower of stamems

Bee having a good rummage for pollen

Sunlight shining through delicate petals

Assorted flowers

I know I photographed these last year but I can't remember what the flowers look like. Maybe yellow? Must check next time I visit.

 A new batch of alliums are coming out 

Love in a mist - all sorts of subtle colour differences

Green shiny beetle

 Huge crown imperial seed pods

Poppies beginning to come out

Quaking grass - gorgeous seeds

More bees

Palm flowers

In front of the palm, burgundy leaves and little clusters of buds

Abundance of Korean pine cones

Dark slim leaves and a froth of little pink flowers

Small arrow shaped leaves - little flowers opening

Star shaped seed pods


Is this a foxglove too?

Acer seeds and lovely coloured leaves

Some of the rhododendrons with darker markings are looking splendid at the moment.

Tiny flowers

White bottle brush like flowers

These are the buds

 Little pale pink flowers

Cornus - getting lighter and lighter

Acer seeds - pink tinged

Feathery flowers

Big low growing alliums 

Sea holly (eryngiums) 

Deep rust coloured iris

Lilac irises

Dark delphiniums


Lovely colour contrasts

Pale pink peonies

Purple and yellow

Big shaggy poppy


Little buttercup-like flowers

Orange poppy

More alliums opening

Light through ferns

Pastel pinky lilac iris

More love in a mist

Thank you very much for joining me.


  1. ooh, fabulous new flowers coming through this time! love the love in a mist and of course the poppies are coming along - am off to Kew again soon myself!

    1. Yes - lots happening. Enjoy Kew - I know you will!