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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Spiders webs, red and white tape and schoolchildren (Coombe Wood)

A beautiful morning for a walk. The early Autumn light gave things a golden glow.

Bulrush reflections in the clear pond. 

Sunshine highlighting the fuchsias.

Silvery green eryngiums, looking as if someone has drawn around the edges with a white pen.

Golden light on the prairie beds - the gardener working in the background (left). He has cut the wildflowers and grasses on the bank in front of the hut and either side of the path and was busy raking up mounds of cuttings.

Beautiful arched and curled stripy leaves, like sweeping calligraphy flourishes.

Close up of the white flowers that are still opening like a thick blanket covering the low foliage.

Lime Green Golden Rain Tree pods against the clear blue sky. I think the pods will soon turn golden and then bronze.

Burgundy bobbles floating on long slender stems.

Silvery grass seeds. 

These fascinate me so I had another close look. The green pods are growing more bulbous and the stems are becoming even more vibrant pink.

This younger bloom has pastel petals and stems.

The flower stem at the front is in the process of changing - the tip is pastel with delicate pink petals but further up there are big flattening pods with deepening colour to the stems.

The prairie beds are bursting with flowers. 

A wall of yellow flowers has been tied up with posts and strings - it's only just possible to get along the path into the centre.

Another plant leans towards the end of the wall of yellow flowers creating a low archway.

Wandering on towards the woods it was sad to see that the cyclamen clump that I've photographed a couple of times recently was lying on the ground .At first I thought someone had stood on them but looking closer I could see that they'd been cut and then just left there.

One of the black cats was heading up a pathway into the woods.

Ivy climbing up the tree trunk makes it look like it's wearing a shaggy jacket. A bird or bat box is fixed to the trunk of the tree.

The gardener has put red and white tape around the big beech tree while waiting for the tree surgeon to come and deal with it.

Hanging from one of the branches that is still fine there are loads of beech nuts.

The light shines through the hairy exteriors.

Crocosmia seeds 

bursting from their seed pods. 

White Cone flowers took on a delicate golden glow from the low Autumn sunshine.

The gardener has mowed around several of the larger wild flowers and leaving them growing.

The gardener has also left the very neat golden coloured teasels.

Standing back - the freshly raked cut grass and some of the remaining plants.

Every time I pass this tree at this time of year I'm amazed at the amount of winged seeds hanging from it - I'm also amazed how often birds sing loudly from that tree as I walk past.

Walking along the dew drenched lawn between the wide hebaceous borders - various plants are still opening.

Even more cosmos flowers.

The severed end of the broken branch of the beech tree that has fallen across the herbaceous border is drying out very quickly. The beech nuts have opened and dropped many of their seeds. The weight of the beech nuts on the tree must be enormous - there are so many of them.

Nets of spiders webs like the finest of voile or chiffon, wafting in the gentle breeze.

Walking back and looking at the other side of the herbaceous border. There's still a lot of yellow flowers open.

The tall pinky plumes are covered in little disc like seeds which flutter with the slightest lift of the breeze like dangling seqins.

A bee covering the centre of a cosmos flower.

The yellow petals have fallen now leaving neat yellowy green centres.

More happy bees.

Allium seed heads - such amazing structures. 

Tall feathery blue stems creating a blue cloud above the other lower plants.

Another delicate net of webs billowing in the breeze.

Leaves turning red. 

Daisy like flowers with incredibly neat middles. 

Two parties of school children arrived. I began to make my way towards the gate stopping on the way to admire the contrast between the seed pods and the floaty grasses . . .

. . . the delicate pink flowers . . . 

the way the blue flowers insist on growing upwards however horizontal their stems are growing. 

 I made a quick detour to see the hops. 

 . . . and the rose-hips.

Then back to these lovely deep bluey purple velvety flowers . . . 

. . .  and watched the bees on the pink flowers. 

- a last look at the pond. 

As I drove out of the car park another party of school children were just arriving. It's really lovely to see so many children enjoying the gardens and woods but I was happy about my timing to leave as it was getting rather crowded and noisy. 

Thank you very much for joining me.  


  1. Another amazing visit - love the bright blue sky today! the shot of the teasels is fabulous, and I love all the webs strung from plant to plant!

    1. Thank you Helen, It was a really lovely day today!

    2. I've run out of different ways to say how absolutely brilliant your photos are Angela, so as usual, all I can say is, just stunning, and thank you for taking them, and putting them on your blog for us all to enjoy!

    3. Thank you very much Cath - that is very kind of you. For some reason your comment appeared twice - I have removed one.