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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Bright colours on a cold and damp Saturday morning walk (Coombe Wood)

What a sudden change in the weather, I don't like being cold. I really should have had more layers on when I went for my walk.

The weather must have put people off - apart from a couple of runners and a cyclist with a dog who passed me in the car park and a man from the cafe who put out a notice I didn't see anyone else at all during my walk.

The enormous rose hips were rain-washed and shiny again - the surface had looked quite matte the other day.

A tower of seed pods. 

The soft colour of Michelmas daisies.

No bees on this plant today- they weren't keen on the weather either.

It was too cold for flip flaps - and I really shouldn't have walked on the wet grass in them. My feet still hadn't warmed up 6 hours later. (Must find suitable footwear) but it was worth it because the moisture from the light rain made all the colours sing out.

The tiny little lilac flowers have lost their petals now leaving lanky stems with tiny seed pods forming.

The red grass is ridiculously red. 

Very dark shiny flattened berries are forming on this strange plant.

A pink shaggy mop-head of a flower.

Neat flower middle.

What a difference in colour between the lawn and the areas where the wild flowers were.

A carpet of cones in the woods.

The heart shaped leaves are becoming even more colourful.

I caught sight of some pale bobbles up the tree with huge leaves and wondered if they are flower buds or seeds.

The mini moss mountains on the roof have become green again after looking dry and shriveled for quite a while.

 Fuchsias dripping pinkness.

The barbs on this plant are vicious. 

The empty nut shells on the fallen branch of the big beech tree are much more visible now that the leaves have dried and crinkled up.

Wonderfully bright sunflower. 

On Gardener's World this week they said that what I'd thought was just a very attractive starry Cosmos flower middle is actually made up of lots of individual flowers each one having stamens etc. - which is why they're all opening from the edge of the yellow starry circle going in to the centre - each individual little flower providing food for bees.

It was quite breezy and I was getting cold but couldn't drag myself away yet. I noticed that the grasses that were being blown by the breeze, had little pink seeds dangling underneath each strand.

Looking closer. 

 The abutilons looked redder than usual. 

A shower of red trumpet like fuchsias. 

More dramatic pink and red, as I headed towards the gate. By this time a brave bee had ventured out of the hive.

I headed for home and a hot drink. (More layers will be worn next time!) 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. it was quite a shock today after the intense heat of a few days ago.... gorgeous photos - love the Michaelmas daisies!!hope you are a bit warmer now.