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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Monday morning Coombe Wood walk in the sunshine

A beautiful morning. Sunlight sparkled on the little waterfall

Bees buzzed around everywhere, wings shining

It looked as if someone had sprinkled glitter on these leaves - I touched them thinking it might be moisture but it was dry. The whole bush glittered in the sunlight

Blue sky

Little seed pods


Looking closer at the flat round seed pods forming 

 Tiny flowers in the prairie beds - must have a closer look next time

These red flowers were crawling with bees

Tall pink bobbly flowers with pale pink thready tufts coming out of them

Golden Rain Tree pods are forming now

Gorgeous delicate little pinky lilac flowers - quite tall now

Lovely with the light shining through them

Short burgundy flowers - busy with bees

Another look at the quaking grass - the seed pods are becoming paler and paler and almost translucent

 Looking across the prairie beds towards the yew arch

Low growing red leaves with plumes of tiny flowers wafting above them

Allium seedheads

Papery remains of an allium after many of its seeds have dropped

Korean pine cones in front of banana leaves

All lined up in a row

Callicarpa berries are plumping up, getting ready to turn purple

So many pine cones, these have fallen from three pine trees and rolled down the little hill the trees stand stand on

Under a huge canopy of sunlit leaves

Shadows and sunlight

How different the little heart shaped leaves look with the sunlight shining through them

Green contrasts

Vibrant green leaves on red stalks

How suddenly the hydrageas have come to an end - they seem to be crumbling to dust

Big plumes of tiny flowers

Little yellow crowns on top of the little white turned back petals

Single pink rose

Very tall all yellow plants near the back of the wide borders

Looking closer at a bright yellow and orange flower

 The gardener was cutting hedges. There are such a lot of hedges to cut at Coombe Wood

Bee with glittering wings

Another starry flower middle

I hadn't noticed the little starry bits in these flower middles before. The outer ring has double yellow strands sprouting but the next row in has tiny yellow five pointed stars

This bee seems to have incredibly fluffy padded shoulders

A big clump of  seed pods among the wild grasses 

The gardener still hard at work

Giant yellow sunflowers against the lovely blue sky

There are fabulous patterns in the middle of sunflowers. The bees wings seemed to glint more than usual in the bright sunlight

Back the the gate - I paused to admire these purple flowers

and the raspberry coloured flower spikes by the pond

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. how lush everything looks in the sunshine! I love those bright raspberry pink blooms at the end. Hoping to go to Kew on Saturday, suffering withdrawal symptoms!!

    1. Thank you Helen, I hope you get to Kew. Looking forward to your photos.