Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Early Monday morning walk (Coombe Wood)

It was only ten past eight but already quite hot. Spiders webs glistened in the low bright sunlight

Splashes of bright light broke through the trees highlighting various plants.

A bee landing on one of the pink flowers by the pond - bulging pollen sacs on long dangling legs

Ladies mantle flowers

 Tiny seed pods on plants at the top of the steps

Nasturtiums weaving through the fence above the Cafe Courtyard

Shaggy blue spheres with incredibly neat curls

Gorgeous colours

Looking up through the tiny delicate pinky-lilac flowers

Pattern of orange and yellow tight buds and wide open flowers - and every stage in between

Close up of strange tiny pink flowers with middles like miniature green pumpkins

 The flowers remind me of a forest of pink trees

 Tall dry leaves rattled and tapped against each other in the breeze

White flowers standing to attention

Quaking grass and the pink flowers

Long legged stripy insect

A huge amount of pine cones have blown down and rolled down this bank leaving a crescent shaped patch of cones, and a few spreading across the path

Large bee - the wings look tiny

Sprinkler watering the grass and wide borders

I heard cloppity horses hooves as two riders went along Conduit Lane and the click click clicking sound as the spray rotated.

Dripping flowers

Spindle berries developing

Cornus fruits (compound berries) blushing red

The gardener moving the sprinkler

Flowers in the sunlight

Bee rummaging through the yellow centre of the flower

Neat stripes on these petals

Small sunflower

The spray caught me a couple of times but I didn't mind at all - the day was really heating up

The crocosmias have lost most of their flowers - just a few remain at the tips of each stem

 Dark "bee", partly fuzzy - like a mohican, with pale brown shiny sides

Pretty little flower among the wildflowers and grasses

This plant looks so soft and inviting - it's tempting to feel the leaves - I'm glad I touched it gently

rigid spikes lurk beneath those soft neat leaves

Another sprinkler was watering the flower beds near the entrance. With careful timing I avoided a shower. Tell tale dry patches on the path showed where to stand while the spray from the other side of the flower bed passed by. Giant dripping sunflowers tower above the other plants.

Water drops on an abutilon

Ferns danced in the water spray

Sunlight illuminating their spores

Dripping and then drenched again as the spray rotated

The breeze blew plumes of spray which billowed across the plants a bit like smoke signals

This little bee seems to have a bulge on its back - perhaps it's a nectar carrying rucksack? It looks a bit like a blister. I want to know more. I keep on finding things that I want to know more about on my walks - sometimes I get answers online but sometimes I'm left wondering.

A rainbow kept reappearing as the spray rotated

This bee's wings reminded me of softly tinted cellophane

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. what amazing photos, I am surprised it was so warm yesterday as I was quite chilly on the way to work! Love the ferns in the sunlight and all the bees you've caught on camera (nearly said film then, ha!!).

    1. Thank you Helen. A bit chilly in the shade but very hot in the sunshine. Ha ha - film indeed! I like it!