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Monday, 4 July 2016

Sunshine and blue sky (Coombe Wood)

It was a beautiful morning. The pond was quite a bit clearer - you could see the fish

Bright pink roses (damask?) in the sunshine

Back to the little flowers with stripes. The low growing plant is covered in them now

Looking down through little acer leaves at the carpet of tiny delicate flowers

Getting down low to look at them from the side

Shimmering pink - with exquisite centre - such lovely colours

Pollen laden bumble bee

 Pastel blue

Grass seeds - little fluffy swellings on tall swaying stems

This one might be a moth - it's quite hairy

Bands of different plants creating textural leafy stripes - these will be amazing when the buds open

Sunshine yellow almost luminous centre

The Golden Rain tree has buds on it this year - perhaps it will have lantern like pods later on unlike last time when there weren't any at all

Wild flowers

Black and yellow (more black than yellow) insect coming in to land - legs tucked up underneath

Yellow and black insect (more yellow than black) coming in to land - yellow legs dangling

Buds opening on the low purply red plants

Hydrangeas opening - I felt I was looking through a kaleidoscope at repeat patterns

A few of the tiny flowers in the middle are beginning to open as well

 Acer seeds in the sunlight - like stained glass

What's this? These are similar to the pastel blue ones earlier on but these have white middles

This stripy insect actually is a bee

Butterfly among the fern - it was off before I could get a properly focused photo of it, I think it's a "meadow brown"

Sunlight through leaves 

Abstract. Looking through the remainder if the hessian protection around the banana plants

 Palm and banana plants and blue sky

Beauty berry flower buds

 Sunlight in the woods

Australian Pine - top growing fast. The shadows made it look like two stems twisted together

More acer seeds with light shining through them

The other hydrangeas further round aren't as advanced. The pale creamy green outer petals are opening and the central buds are slightly tinged with pink

Strange tiny yellow flowers

A tall unidentified wild flower (or weed). The gardener told me that he is waiting for the flowers to come so he can find out what it is. It is probably something that was in the wild seed mix that was sowed there

Clusters of acer-like seeds

Light shining through a shrub

Blue starry flowers

Looking closer - white circle in the centre of each flower

The white shaggy fronds have turned pale brown and are more distinct from each other

These red flowers have unusual centres with shiny bits that look like bees wings when you look closer

Orange geums

No idea what these are but they have silvery stems and such vivid little flowers

 Some little fuchsias are coming out - such pale pink

Abutilon bud


Tiny flowers scrambling over stone retaining wall

A long trail of walkers marched past chattering. After a very swift circuit of the gardens, seven minutes later they left. I heard a few commenting on how lovely the gardens looked but I was surprised they had time to notice going at that speed

Peaches and custard?

Tiny white bells

Even smaller yellow flowers

Interesting formation - a cluster of buds with the middle one open

I love this colour combination

And this one too - magenta and vivid pink

Magenta clematis (whatever the plural is) 

Vivid pink roses

Now we're looking in the alpine trough at miniscule plants

and these are the smallest flowers. The long narrow green leaves are a tiny tuft of grass

and even closer

More fuchsias - these are very small 

Snapdragons and grasses

No idea what these are but I do like the way the neat pale buds are so different from the shaggy darker flowers

Back to my favourites again - I must find out what these are

 New bulrushes 

New and old together

White puffy clouds 

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. what a great variety today! love all the vivid pink/magenta ones you found. thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Helen. Everything seemed extra bright and sparkly in the sunshine.