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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Short walk on a very hot day (Coombe Wood)

I went early for my walk hoping to miss the heat - but the heat beat me to it and I had to cut my walk short

I dawdled by the pond - enjoying the shade and the reflections

One of the shrubs had a fiery red halo which reflected beautifully in the water

The gardener was watering plants

I popped in the cafe for a bottle of water - I had forgotten to take one with me but they had run out and were waiting for a delivery. I enjoyed a strawberry ice cream and a glass of tap water at a shady table in the Courtyard.

A tub by the big gazebo had this strange plant in it - I meant to find out if it felt as bristly as it looked but I got distracted when someone on a nearby table lit up a cigarette and the smell wafted over me and I left quickly

I took my sandals off and enjoyed walking on the cool damp grass

These are the flowers that my children used to pick and use as missiles when they were young

The Golden Rain Tree has quite a halo of flowers around it now so it looks as if there will be plenty of lantern like seed pods this year - unlike last year

More of the flowers are  opening on these tall spikes

Lonely Echinacea - the only one that is fully open

- most of them are still buds and haven't yet shown what colour they're going to be

Tiny pinky-lilac flowers - one on the left has opened

I really like the way the light shines through the strands that are left on the stem after the petals have dropped

I can't resist another photo of the quaking grass seeds against these shaggy little raspberry and cream flowers

Masses of blue flowers in the sunlight

Big fan shaped palm leaves

My sandals had to go back on for the gravel and bark paths. I sat for a while in the shade before emerging into the hot sun again

Tiny pink dancers

One gentle touch of the Beautyberry flowers and they disintegrate like dandelion clocks

Rows of crocosmia all facing the same direction

Sunlight through big lime green leaves

The big "unidentified" plant in the wild flower area has sprouted many tufty flowers now. I wonder if the gardener has identified it yet and I'm still wondering whether it will open further and if so what colour the flowers will be

Wild carrot flower with red middle surrounded by cauliflower-like florets and a circle of rose tinted clusters around the edge that are more open

Vibrant blue

Bright pink

Strange colour for a sunflower

A bit more normal 

Wide border - now overflowing with plants

Baby pink with bright pink middles

Something is on its way - what a shame I can't remember what it is

Spiky purple mounds are filling the flower bed near the gate

 Splash of yellow by the pond

A last look at the pond before I left

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. I think you're very brave to have gone out today, even early it was boiling! Lovely results though, love the sunflowers!

  2. It was well worth the effort though Angela, some lovley images yet again.