Arty journeys...


Saturday, 2 April 2016

Early morning Coombe Wood walk

I arrived just after 8am and had the gardens all to myself - it was quite a while before I saw anyone else.

Low sunlight streamed onto some of the flowerbeds

while others were still in shade

Skunk cabbage flowers developing fast - very clear reflections this morning

Faded hellebores turning their faces upwards - showing the seed pods that are developing

New growth springing up everywhere

Marsh marigolds 

I almost missed these raspberry coloured flowers because of the dazzling low sun which was making it difficult for me to see

Lilac coloured "bluebells" 


Tiny blue flower - barely any soil in a little dip in the rock

Concrete seat surrounded by nodding daffodils

Glimpses of red blossom buds

 Daffodils in the sunshine

Clusters of berries 

Tiny little red acer flowers and red tinged new leaves

A gentle oniony smell wafts from these - they have slender stems and elegant white dangling flowers

Lime green new leafy growth

Flame coloured new growth

New buds alongside the seed pods from last year

Sunshine on blue star-like flowers

 Tiny white flowers in the grass, near a drift of daffodils

Sunshine streaming down on the bright flowers

More tulips popping up between the yellow

Orange and red


I wonder what colour the tulips will be that are all popping up between these red and blue flowers

Several of the bulrushes were blown over in the storm. I was able to get better close ups from just outside the gate. Their candyfloss-like seeds shimmered in the gentle breeze

the pond glittered in the background

By the fence in the car park more laurel flowers are almost ready to open

Thank you very much for joining me. I hope you can enjoy some sunshine too. 


  1. Gorgeous photos - you were there very early indeed! it's been fabulous today (but wasn't able to go to Kew as had a hair appointment) even with the breeze.. Love the soft fluffy bulrushes.

    1. Thank you Helen. What a shame you couldn't go to Kew today.

  2. Early bird catches the worm Eh! Or, should I say, Early artist/photographer catches the wonderful early morning light! Fabulous photos Angela, as usual.

    1. Thank you Cath. It was such a treat to be there that early on a lovely day.