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Friday, 8 April 2016

After the rain (Coombe Wood) and another theft

It had rained quite heavily and many of the plants were still drenched.

The flower beds at the entrance looked bright and cheeful

The skunk cabbage has gown a lot in the last few days

From a different angle they looked more orange. Their reflections were really clear

Little flashes of red - short tulips peeping out here and there

I turned back and noticed a large shrub a little way back from the path, which I hadn't seen before. It was covered in orange flowers - darker than the ones near the pond. I must change the direction of my walks - it's amazing what you notice when approaching from a different direction

I must try and get closer for a better look at these - the tiny flowers are such an amazing shape

Big shaggy fritillaria 

Tiny azalea

The flowers on the Korean Pine are raspberry red now and are elongating

Tiny blossom covered in raindrops

 Acer leaf buds

A different acer with leaves and flowers unfurling

Rhododendron buds

Walnut tree bud


 The onion smelling plants

 There are thick carpets of them either side of the path


Tree peony bud

A few days ago this was just twigs - so many shades of green now

Very neat edges to the flower beds

Little white magnolias

Close up of one strand of the creamy bells which cascade down over the bench

More acer leaves opening 

Hawthorn blossom

The gardener hard at work

I was sad to hear that a bicycle, belonging to one of the chefs from the cafe, had been stolen from the bike rack - in broad daylight. 

 Colourful flowers in the beds nearer to the entrance

Bright pink flowers and tulip leaves with stripes

Back home again - these are the onion smelling plants I have in my garden. They are very different from the ones at Coombe Wood. The flowers and stems are much more robust.

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. I really hope they catch whoever is stealing from the garden soon! The flowers are all looking beautiful today, the rain must be really encouraging them! I know what you mean about walking in a different direction, I try to when I go to Kew too, but my feet take me in the same route...