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Monday, 7 September 2015

In the spotlight

Coombe Wood again . . .

I arrived quite early just before the last of the mist had been burnt off by the sun and there was still dew on many of the plants

Sunlight glittered on the spiders webs

Patches of sunshine broke through the trees and splashed puddles of light onto the prairie planting

I stopped to look at the banana plant again. This has opened up since my last visit, Is it a flower - is it a fruit? The gardener said it was the fruit, a friend says it is the flower. I'm having a good look at it each time I go there - I want to see what happens next

These tiny almost insignificant flowers were festooned with webs with glittering water droplets on. While getting really close to photograph them I noticed their gorgeous little lilac anthers


The last of the mist - just visible in the sun's rays behind the tree

A couple of plants were swathed in webs which sparkled in the sunlight

Shafts of light broke through the trees into the borders putting random plants into the spotlight

Lit up by the sun

Gittering dew drops

Shining bees-wings

Crazy flower centre with a hover fly (I think) 

Two bees on the yellow flower and another one hovering above it considering landing

In the opposite flower bed the flowers were backlit by the sun

Michaelmas daisies still covered in dew

A mesh of webs sparkling between dewy flowers

Teasels in the sun

Sun shining through sunflower petals

Dew drops glinting on echinacea centre

Bumble bee clinging to the shaggy plant - heavy enough to make the flower bob about

This smaller insect is a new one to me. It has tiny black whiskery hairs sticking out in various places. I haven't noticed this pattern on any of the yellow and black insects I've photographed before

Purple tinges on the stacked doughnut shapes where the petals have fallen off

Bright light illuminating pink petals

and shining through curly ferns

and big stripy leaves

A fuchsia bush - absolutely covered in tiny bright pink ballet dancers

Fish basking in the pools of light which warmed the pond

A big patch of light brightened the lily pads 

The walk started off feeling quite autumnal but as the sun climbed a little higher I enjoyed feeling the warmth of it on my back

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. This is exactly why I am so annoyed Kew only opens at 10 now.. that extra half hour makes such a difference! Stunning photos today - love the teasels, but all the backlit ones in the bright sun are gorgeous; and so are the tiny webs on the flowers!

    1. Yes - it is rotten of Kew changing their opening time and stopping you from enjoying your early morning walks there!.As Autumn advances and sunrise gets later I'm sure you will be able to capture some gorgeous mist, dew and low sun shots there although it might be a bit chilly (and wet) for lying on the ground to take them though by then - I know you like to get down low for some of your lovely photos.

  2. It does pay sometimes to be an early bird, and you've proved it with these stunning images Angela.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Cath.

  3. Lovely to see your photos. Banana is a tricky one, I have looked at them in flower at Kew and in Madeira where they grow all over the place. The bud is purplish red and has a cluster of little flowers in it that develop into banana fruits. Botanically it is classed as a berry! Wiki has lots of interesting facts about them. I have used the peel to make paper. Tessa xx

    1. Thank you Tessa. New photos of bananas and flower on today's post. How was the banana peel paper?