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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Coombe Wood Walk


The orange plants by the pond have lost all their petals - red shiny seed pods are forming

Shiny rose hips

A friend has let me know that this is probably an Arbutus or strawberry tree. I really like the delicate little bells - they remind me of lily of the valley

Having a closer look at the moss - I find it amazing that there is so much detail in something so small

I like these fuzzy papery seed casings and the way the tiny hairs catch the light

and how different they look against a different coloured background - just by moving a couple of steps to take the photo from a different angle

I love this colour mix in the prairie bed

Quite a few different yellow flowers here

I've never noticed a bee (or other black and yellow stripey insect) with yellow legs before and just look at that pattern - not just the normal stripes

These blue flowers are almost over but there are still some that are attracting the bees. This one has fabulous curls (the flower - not the bee)

Stripey leaf

Some flower middles . . . 

more curls

 Sedum flowers are tiny but amazing structures

I like the little yellow bits showing on the centre of the flower - like little stars

Ominous cloud which only sprinkled a few drops of rain as it passed by

Another try at photographing my favourite grass seeds

While I was walking along I was aware of a munching sound - it was the sound of the long handled shears as the gardener was cutting the edges of the grass nearby. He stopped to show me that the banana tree had grown some fruit - non-edible and looking quite different from the bananas we would eat. The stem the fruit is on looks quite interesting too - it seems to have fluted layers, I must have a closer look next time

The resin on the cones of the Korean Pine was clear last time I noticed it but now it has turned white and opaque. I love the regular pattern of the little green bits that protrude - I think they are the edges of the papery pouches that the seeds grow in

There's a lovely variety of leaf colours on this plant - the bigger leaves are heart shaped

Looking up through the acer leaves

light shining through other leaves 

Zebra grass between the sunflowers and yellow daisy-like flowers

Wild carrot - I think this looks like a bunch of venus fly traps waiting to pounce

 I think this one is about to flower

Rose petals on the sundial. 

Big leaves - red one side and purply green the other side with delicate stripes.

As well as the bigger orange and cream fish that you can see here there are loads of smaller dark coloured fish that don't show up and several quite large dark ones as well with whiskers and big wide open mouths.

Thank you very much for joining me again


  1. I wonder who put those rose petals on the sun dial?

    1. There have been a couple of photo shoots there this week - ladies in wonderful saris - might be something to do with that.

  2. I love today's photos - especially the grasses in the sunflowers, and the prairie meadow is still looking gorgeous!