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Friday, 21 August 2015

South Norwood Country Park

Surprise - I went somewhere different for my walk the other day. It was a very last minute arrangement - I joined a friend and her daughter's little dog for a walk in South Norwood Country Park.

Blue sky, fluffy clouds, wide swathes of grasses etc.

Thistley things which have shed their seeds - I think that's what they are anyway (oh so knowledgeable and technical)

My friend said these are weeds - I wouldn't mind weeds like these in my garden

The thistles are a lovely colour and what a lot of seeds they produce

Those pollen paniers are huge - how does a little bee carry all that lot?

Patterns in the sky

There were masses of these seeds - each puff of wind lifted more of them and wafted them along

The white threads on the individual seeds glinted in the sunshine

I alternated between enjoying the expanse 

and the details

I remember visiting the Country Park not all that long after it was opened - there wasn't much there then except for the pond. I don't think I've seen it since - other than a quick glimpse from a train window.

I like these tall waving purple seeded grasses

and the teasels

My friend pointed out a heron on the other side of the pond

and a little later she noticed another one further along

A duck flew towards us and landed in the water - I wasn't quick enough with the camera and missed it. Then three ducks swam towards us - I was ready for them!

These seed heads intrigued me.

looking closer

and more seeds

 Back to the thistley things

and the white fluff

A view in a different direction

Looking closer

When I got home I noticed a delightful young cat playing in our garden. This one has visited several times before and has delicate white lines down the back of his/her ears and the most magnificent eye liner

Thank you very much for popping in to see my blog. 


  1. Wonderful! Who would have thought that you were in London!

    1. True Cath - who would have thought it? There's a very bumpy driveway to the car park though - not sure I'd like to do it very often with my back as it is!