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Monday, 24 August 2015

Flowers in the rain

When it rains we usually rush wherever we're going and try to avoid it - but here's a deliberate walk in the rain. The first part was on my own - my sister joined me later

Raindrops splashed into the pond rippling the surface.

Little droplets hung on petals and caught the light 

No need for the gardener to do any watering today

I didn't notice the spiders web till I'd taken the photo and had a closer look

The raindrops made these delicate little flowers bob around

These shaggy flowers looked very soggy - it won't take long for them to dry when the rain stops

 Wet leaves glistening 

 This big shrub has lovely big colourful leaves - I was suprised to see how tiny the flowers are

The beauty berries are forming (Callicarpa - at last - a plant's real name that I know is right). These will look like purple pearls soon

These thready pink flowers sparkled with droplets of rain. You can see the rain coming down in the background

Allium seed head with droplets of water

We stopped off in the Cafe for a cuppa - I haven't noticed this light before

The rain had eased so we walked a bit further

I find it interesting that the droplets sit on some of the plants but they drench others

The next few are drenched

and  last years bullrushes look quite soggy

Thank you very much for joining me on this wet walk


  1. Well done Angela for walking out on a day like today! I'm afraid I chickened out, but you've still managed to capture some really gorgeous images, so it was obviously worth it. The light has been so bad, maybe that's why there was a light in the cafe, I've had mine on too!

    1. Thank you Cath. I think it was a candle in that lovely light - there were tea lights on the tables too - it makes the place look really pretty.

  2. I watched it hammer down from the office and was glad to be inside... some gorgeous results though, and well worth a soaking.. hope you've dried out now!

    1. Thank you Helen. Yes it was worth it and I managed not to get too wet - I have one of those big umbrellas!