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Friday, 3 July 2015

A Coombe Wood walk and mini drawings update


This photo was taken in my garden before I went for my walk. A butterfly flew down the garden ahead of me and posed on a leaf. 

The pond water has been a bit cloudy lately but was lovely and clear again this morning

One of my favourite plants is opening by the pond

The extra wide stem of the "Fab lolly" look-a-like flower has finally collapsed under the weight of the abnormally wide bloom

Poppies and daisies

Water sprinkler

The gardener has transplanted a mistletoe seedling onto a young apple tree. That tiny little thing (it really is very small indeed) in the fork of the branch is a baby mistletoe plant

Water droplets on ornamental grass shine like gemstones

An exuberant explosion of little flowers

I noticed a strange beetle on a hydrangea flower

A friend has told me that something else will happen to the middle of this one so I've been keeping an eye on it. Strange little protuberances are erupting from each section in the middle . . .

. . . and this odd shaped flower is opening from the bottom upwards.

On this tree each flat central disc has four fleshy circular petals. I wish I could get a closer look at these. I  know they will turn into very interesting berries later on - I remember them from last year.

A very furry moth (or butterfly - I can't tell the difference)

I thought there was a water droplet under the top of this poppy pod but when I looked more closely at my photo I discovered that it was a green spider sheltering under the rim of the pod's cap.

I love poppy pods - just look at the regularity of the shadows of their fancy hats

Looking closer can sometimes be a little off putting. What I thought were seeds forming are actually little tiny beetles feasting there

Strange plants bursting into flower

Any excuse to put another poppies photo on here

What strange buds - the stems look as if they're on upside down. Aren't stems usually wider at the bottom not the top?

These are tiny - I very nearly missed them

You can see how small they are when you see the size of the big furry bee

More little beetles. Although not as effective as bees are they still act as pollinators, along with other insects

I like the way the little button like buds burst into shaggy abundance around the edge of each flower and then the shagginess creeps into the middles


A mini drawing a day for a year. Half way. through the year.

Each drawing is 3x3cm on watercolour paper which is 5x5cm and is stained with fruity tea bags.

These are my June drawings

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. Lovely photos yet again Angela, but the flower that is opening from the bottom up has made me chuckle, it reminds me of an elephants trunk!

    1. ;) That's funny Cath! Now you've given me a chuckle too!

    2. and I've discovered that FB style emoticons don't work on here too.

  2. Gorgeous photos, especially the water drops on the grasses, and the poppies - always love poppies! I'm off to Hampton Court Flower Show tomorrow; so a feast of flowers awaits!

    1. Hope you've had a fabulous time Helen and you haven't boiled completely! Looking forward to seeing your photos.